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June 9th 2012
Published: June 9th 2012
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Day 28

Have breakfast and again sit next to our new Irish friends. They are heading off on the ferry to one of the towns on the lake. We have washing to do (yes, even on holidays) so we hated off to do justice to the laundromat in the next town.

Find it (nice new establishment with sub titles in English on how to use the machines - very welcome addition). Washing done while it poured rain. Decided to visit Bellagio by ferry (town on the lake that is supposedly vey nice).

Go to the information office to get any other bits of advice and ask the girl at the counter. She straight away picks us as Aussies. Turns out she spent 2 years in Oz a while ago and was pining for that time again after a visit by a friend from Adelaide a few weeks ago. She eventually gave us some good tips about the area after chatting about Oz......

Onto the ferry (slow one on her recommendation) and see the lake and surrounding towns. Very pretty and relaxing. Get off at Bellagio and have a drink. Watch the people go past and boats come and go. Very busy area with traffic of all sorts around us. Walk along the shore towards a villa with nice gardens. Miss that by 5 minutes so decide to follow a walking tour we got from the information office. Problem is the roads have no walking areas. We walk along the side of a road that is again just wide enough for 2 cars. Heart in mouth stuff here as we walk up a hill to our next stop all the time thinking we will get run over.

Make it to the top and find the reason for our treachorous walk - a liquid amber tree that is over 1000 years old. Should see the size of the trunk on this tree - huge....

Back down the same road askinga ourselves if this is legal - find out that it mustn't be a problem as one of the cars to pass us was the local Carribineri (police) who just flew past without an issue.

Back on the last ferry which is a fast one (30 minutes instead of 90 on the slow one we first caught). This one is a hydrofoil so even better. On the way we get thunder and lightning and eventually rain.

Get off at about 9 p.m. So go for pizza tonight. Just get there and it stops raining, more like torrential downpour material here... Decide it will pass of we stay long enough. Sort of true. We get our raincoats on and walk back. Not overly saturated so all good.

Some office work and off to bed....


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