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March 1st 2014
Published: March 1st 2014
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Sirens blare from an ambulance racing down the cobblestone street, the familiar European “wee-doh, wee-doh” sound echoing through the warren of narrow alleyways. The street is lined with ancient apartment buildings, each accessed via huge, often graffiti covered doors. The pedestrians, dressed as if they just exploded out of GQ or Vogue magazine, easily avoid the disturbance, stepping to the n... Read Full Entry

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View from our ApartmentView from our Apartment
View from our Apartment

St. Peter's Basilica

1st March 2014 favorite city in the whole world...
and the food is the best too! You have made a perfect choice for a month...or more. My son went to university for a year in Trastevere...he loved it. Our favorite spot for a picnic was on Palatine Hill looking over the Forum. I guess I'll have to watch the Eat part of the "Eat, Pray, Love" movie to re-visualize what you are experiencing now. As for day trips, Naples and Pompeii are doable, but I would make it at least three day trip and stay in Positano and catch the boat to Capri for the day. Then there is Florence, Tuscany, and the Cinque Terre. Venice also is a great overnight trip...evenings are best without the hoards of tourists. Anyway, have a wonderful time there!!!
1st March 2014

Good Suggestions
Thanks, Bob for all the suggestions and advice. Your son must have thought he was in Heaven living in Trastevere. I can not even imagine what being a college age person, and living there, would be like! I have never seen so many students having a good time in one place. I'm sure we'll do a couple of day trips later in the month. Thanks for reading.
2nd March 2014
Trastevere Graffiti Doors

Love this collection
2nd March 2014

A vagabond celebration
Your apartment sounds perfect. Your neighborhood could not be any better! We love your photos of the Trastevere area- one of our favorites. It would be great to spend a month in this city and soak in all that is Italian. We will be hanging on to your stories.
2nd March 2014

It's nice to be so convenient with stores and transportation so close. Being in a 5th floor walkup is not so bad. We just think of it as having a gym membership included with the apartment. It's nice to be in a country where you can drink the water for a change. I wouldn't want to carry 5 gallons up the stairs! Thanks for following.
2nd March 2014
Little Pope

I saw him on tv!
This little guy was on the news here in Spain the day he was kissed by the Pope; even his Mum was interviewed about it; the poor child was crying with fear when he was taken away from his Mum to be taken to the Pope; he probably thought he was being kidnapped, bless him!
2nd March 2014
Little Pope

We saw him, too!
I happened to catch him on CBS News and also saw him on CNN. He attracted quite a crowd in St. Peter's Square. I'm not surprised Pope Francis noticed him. Thanks for reading!
3rd March 2014
Castel Sant' Angelo

Breathtaking blog!
Your photos are spectacular as usual, and how wise to spend a month in Rome. I spent 5 months in Italy, generally two weeks in the spots Bob mentioned and more. So wise of you also to flaunt that silly new picnic rule; what could be more pleasant than to savor a lovely, affordable repast in a charming setting? Thank goodness Italians ignore imprudent laws. Happy touring and grazing!
4th March 2014
Castel Sant' Angelo

Thank you
Your photos are always excellent, so that means a lot. It is gorgeous here. It seems that around each corner is another opportunity for a photo. I wish we could stay for 5 months! Thanks for reading.

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