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Castel Sant' Angelo  

Castel Sant' Angelo

Nanci and Dave's World Tour- Part 3

March 1st 2014
Sirens blare from an ambulance racing down the cobblestone street, the familiar European “wee-doh, wee-doh” sound echoing through the warren of narrow alleyways. The street is lined with ancient apartment buildings, each accessed via huge, often graffiti covered doors. The pedestrians, dressed as if they just exploded out of GQ or Vogue magazine, easily avoid the disturbance, stepping to the n ... read more
Europe » Italy » Lazio » Rome

Italian Flag Italy became a nation-state in 1861 when the city-states of the peninsula, along with Sardinia and Sicily, were united under King Victor EMMANUEL II. An era of parliamentary government came to a close in the early 1920s when Benito MUSSOLINI establis... ... read more
3rd March 2014

Breathtaking blog!
Your photos are spectacular as usual, and how wise to spend a month in Rome. I spent 5 months in Italy, generally two weeks in the spots Bob mentioned and more. So wise of you also to flaunt that silly new picnic rule; what could be more pleasant than to savor a lovely, affordable repast in a charming setting? Thank goodness Italians ignore imprudent laws. Happy touring and grazing!
4th March 2014

Thank you
Your photos are always excellent, so that means a lot. It is gorgeous here. It seems that around each corner is another opportunity for a photo. I wish we could stay for 5 months! Thanks for reading.

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