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May 23rd 2008
Published: May 23rd 2008
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Well this is it. the holy land of ancient treasures. Rome baby, yeah! I love this town. i got here yesterday and just sort of got my head around this place. Its magnificent. Today i went to the colesseum, its everything they say and so much more. the line was a bit long, so i weaseled my way to the front by saying id go on a guide tour, then i just slipped in line and paid for a regular ticket. i kno its wrong but i really hate lines and might not have gone in if i had to wait. luckily that didnt become an issue. my friend peter would have gone through 4gigs of memory on his camera. it was a 4gig day at least. the admission price also got me into the palintine hill and the forum. the only way to describe the whole day is, bitch'in! i spent 4 hours in the colesseum alone. in the photos youll see me on what looks like a cell phone, but its the adio guide that tells you all the little tid-bits of info. you can almost see the gladiators and wild animals moving around the arena floor. its magic. the photos, though not doing justice, will do a better job of explaining than i can. also im paying for this internet as well.

the idea that most of these structures are 2000 years old is mind boggling. the limestone blocks are so old and soft you feel as though you could carve them with your finger. the feeling of this city is unparrelled. i feel more liberated having been here. in a way that begs for more. this is why i came. this is what i needed to see. these are the experiances that changed my life. it sounds corny i know, but its the way of it here. and this is only my first day out in the city.

tomorrow im headed to city centre and the pantheon. it should be as exiting as today was. then sunday, the vatican is free so ill motivate early and run over there to be the first in line. i want to see the sistine chapel and st. peters basilica. i think i can sneak through before the crowds show-up. wish me luck.

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