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May 22nd 2008
Published: May 22nd 2008
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Everything went accourding to plan, which of course worried the hell out of me. The woman at the station sold me a ticket for 8 euro, which is a insanely low price. so i thought i was getting busted with that whole reservation nonsense again. but here i am in florence. and holy crap.what a city. this is an absolute must stop on any trip to europe.

the place im staying isnt a hostel but rather a campsite. i slept in a tent last night and it rained like the dickens. but its cheap, though im discovering that the price of a bed isnt always the end price. take this camp. its 15 euro for a bed, but no free internet, and no free breakfast, which if taken at the minimum would cost 8 euro. so the price is really more like23 euro. i could hve stayed in a hostel in town for 18 euros which included these. anyway my point is im paying for this access so my blog may be short.

i arrived at around 3pm and though my guide book highly recommended taking a tram to my camp, i of course walked it. it was only about 2k, but it was 2k up a mountain. with full pack in the hot afternoon sun. it wasnt really all that bad, and the views along the way were remarkable.
Tuscany itself is one of the most beautiful places ive seen on this earth. and the city of florence is now listed as equal in arcitecture to prague and way ahead in every other aspect. i knew rain was coming here as well so when i arrived and it was sunny i took full advantage and got some great shots of the city from the piazzale micheangelo. this is where the giant bronze David is. there are actually three davids in florence. the original which was move to a museum. a copy where the original stood and the bronze giant overlooking the city.

the domo is the cathedral here and, wow, is it impressive and indescribable. Its just fantastic. ill upload the pictures later. ive got a few more shots from rimini to put on as well. there is this piazza where they have statues of all the cities famous sons, including, michealangelo, machievelli, and leonardo di vinci.

i was able to get up at 6 this morning and get down to the city to take some great shots around town without hordes of tourists snarfing up the shots. i was really nice to see the light just start to breach the horizon and the clouds, to kiss the dew off the buildings. empty streets, quiet shops and great vibes flow through these early morning hours.

the only thing im not liking is the steep tarriff for entry into the major and minor sites. i cant afford to spend 80 euros to see every thing here so i held myself to 6 euros for the domo and thats it. i at least got to see the rest of the city and could spend a week here taking pictures and doing museums but, im going to head out and try to make my next stop before the weekend. everything costs more on friday and saterday. also its tough to find accomadation on friday, especially where im headed.
ciao from firenze

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