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October 15th 2006
Published: October 15th 2006
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...treat your feet to a good soaking.

Featured here is my world class award winning bunion. Another good reason to travel while you can- you never know what will hit you when you're in your 50's.

I know you're dying to know how I got it. It was a few years ago, sitting peacefully up at my foothill property reading a book. I was sitting in one of those folding chairs that are not easy to get out of, you know, the kind with the drink holders on each side. In my periferal vision I saw enough of a movement that caused me to press the internal eject button- and I LEVETATED out of the chair, balanced on nothing else but the ball of left foot. In a flash i am up looking at a king snake heading straight where I WAS sitting. He (or she, only THEY know the difference) never broke stride, but kept right on, right under the chair.

Now most people know that king snakes are not dangerous in any way, but to this fella, it makes no difference, a snake is a snake, and I don't want being caught off guard like that

Back to the bunion- my foot was sore for weeks afterwards... sheeze, I should have sued that stupid snake- and out of that grew my million dollar bunion !!!


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