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Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples September 28th 2022

Italy has never been an economically wealthy land since the Lira time. From fascist to crisis, as the dearest friend of mine beautifully described. And now this innocent land is in the hand of a hideous Roman fascist, bright future ahead for Italy, aha! My feminist refuses to be silent as she won the election. She ain’t no female, she is one unattractive bull! I vouch for female leaderships and I have high respect for female leaders, not her. She’s the perfect example of a Roman fuckwit chosen by a bunch of Italian fruit loops. Her slogans were rubbish. It seemed that she needed a constant reminder that her nation is geographically in the South where Northern and Western Europe kept throwing dash to revive it. How about paying off the public debts first then Italy ... read more
Italian girl and her unique scoter
Little alley

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples May 13th 2022

Naples was sure living up to its reputation - what I had seen so far was dirty, chaotic and intimidating, particularly leaving the central train station. It has been a while since I have experienced such hustle and bustle - perhaps not since I was in Iran - and it was all a little unsettling. Momentarily, I put a guard up that I hadn't used since I was in Latin America. Wow. Admittedly, my mind was in bit of a muddle at the time, having just put Britta on the airport bus - she wasn’t to join me for the helter-skelter in Naples, as she readily admits that high-octane sightseeing in a busy city is not really for her. Amid the unrest around me and after the wonderful time we had just had, it was a ... read more
Glorious Neapolitan Chaos
Maradona Mural
Galleria Umberto I

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples January 6th 2022

The day finally arrived! Maggie departed Naples on board the MV World Odyssey, her floating college campus for the next 4 months! She actually boarded yesterday, 1/5, after testing negative for COVID twice in 24 hours. As she said, it was a "roller coaster" day, as she literally lugged about 150 lbs of luggage through the port and up the gangways, through the testing site and finally to the check bag station. We'll see how much of that ends up getting shipped home after the voyage and before she begins her backpacking through Europe trip! She is delighted with her 3-person, outside cabin, and even more excited to have scored the top bunk (her first choice). She met her cabin-mates, Caroline and Madeline (see photo), but we have not learned much about them yet. Her cabin ... read more
Maggie, Caroline and Madeline.
On Deck.

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples December 31st 2021

We FaceTimed with Maggie this morning, and it was so good to see her! She called from the hostel where she and her friends are staying - a cute little apartment-like place a few blocks from the coast. She can see rooftop gardens, the sea and in the distance a mountain from the communal balcony. Maggie is traveling with 3 other Semester at Sea (SAS) passengers - Bella from Pittsburgh, Salma from Connecticut and they met Meadow from Maine at the hostel. The four have decided to tour around Naples (and Venice on 1/3) together before they board the ship next week. Last night they went out on the town with some other hostel residents, and this afternoon plan to eat a proper first meal at a Naples cafe (pizza, anyone?) as well as do some ... read more
Steps to Hostel.
Naples Coast.
Naples Castle.

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples December 30th 2021

Hooray! Maggie has successfully made it to Naples, Italy, and is staying at a hostel very near the port where she will embark on the Semester at Sea ship on January 5. In the meantime, she'll be touring around Naples, with a day-trip to Venice, between now and then with her two new friends and shipmates, Bella and Salma.... read more
Flight from Istanbul to Naples

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples December 12th 2021

Each specimen is accompanied by a plate showing 1) The specific binomial These are two scientific names for a plant, based on Latin or Greek words. The first uses the genus name and the second uses the specific epithet. The two names together define the species and are usually written in italics or underlined Example : Achillea Millefolium Achillea is the genus name and Millefolium is the specific epithet. 2) The specific epithet This is the second part of the scientific name. This may describe a plant characteristic, the location where it was found or the person who discovered it. This name is always written in lowercase, even if the name is a proper noun. Example: millefolium, which describes the characteristic of the plant being a thousand leaves. 'Mille' in Latin means 'thousand' and 'folium' means ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples December 10th 2021

GLOSSARY ■phytotherapy : herbal medicine ■Officinal plants : plants that are used in medicinal preparations ■specific binomial : Two scientific names for a plant, based on Latin or Greek words. The first uses the genus name and the second uses the specific epithet. The two names together define the species. These are usually written in italics or underlined ■genus: a group of closely related species or plants within a family that have more characteristics in common with one another than other plants of the same family, ■genus name: the first part of the scientific name for a specific plant. This name is usually capitalised, eg Achillea ■specific epithet : the second part of the scientific name. This may describe a plant characteristic, the location where it was found or the person who discovered it. This name ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples November 29th 2021

The use of plants in the treatment of diseases began in prehistoric times. Herbal practices date back to about 3,000 years ago, and have been found in Egyptian papyrus and in Chinese manuscripts. Theophrastus and Dioscorides, were the two most important works created in Ancient Greece. Pliny the Elder and Galen are important works created in Ancient Rome. This Greco-Roman tradition came up to the Middle Ages, when it was integrated with Arabian medicine. During the Renaissance, the knowledge of medicinal plants spread, partly due to the invention of printing and the development of the scientific method. In the nineteenth century, with the development of contemporary medicine, many of the bioactive compounds occurring in plants began to be artificially reproduced in the laboratory. As a result, many preparations of modern synthetic pharmacology derive from plant mol ... read more

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples November 24th 2021

ENGLISH NAME : The Greater Burdock LATIN NAME : Arctium Lappa ITALIAN NAME : Bardana Maggiore NICKNAMES : Greater Burdock, Gobo, Edible Burdock, Lappa, Beggar's buttons, Thorny Burr, Happy Major STORY BEHIND NAMES: Arctium Lappa : Arktos is the Greek word for bear and Leppa means to seize. These refer to its rough-coated fruits, which are covered in bracts, which cling to clothes and fur on contact. Beggar's Buttons refer to the appearance of the plant's pods. Gobo is the Japanese name, which refers to the roots of Burdock which are served as a vegetable in Japan. IMPORTANT PARTS OF PLANT : roots, leaves and seeds SYMPTOMS TREATED : diseases related to the glandular system and metabolic diseases, it reduces toxic states, diabetes, acne, boils/ulcers, eczema, psoriasis, rheumatism, gout (inflammatory arthritis) ADDITIONAL PROPERTIES : In Chinese ... read more
Greater Burdock, not yet in flower

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples November 24th 2021

ENGLISH NAME : The Artichoke Thistle LATIN NAME : Cynara Cardunculus ITALIAN NAME : Carciofo NICKNAMES : The Cardoon IMPORTANT PARTS OF PLANT : leaves SYMPTOMS TREATED : it reduces cholesterol, it helps with water retention, it increases bile excretion and improves digestive problems ADDITIONAL PROPERTIES : It is a perennial herb with blue to purple flowers. It is a naturally occurring species but it is cultivated in many forms, including as the Globe Artichoke CONTAINS : antioxidants, fibre, vitamins, minerals OTHER INTERESTING INFORMATION : it tastes like a bitter artichoke. It is often served as a simple side dish, or put in a stew or tangine. The stalks are commonly used traditional Christmas meals, such as in Italy, Spain and France. WHERE IT GROWS : Abundantly in the Mediterranean. It is in season from November ... read more
Artichoke Thistle in December
Artichoke Thistle taken in December

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