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June 24th 2007
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The boardwalk/ocean in Tremore
Top o' the mornin to ya lads,

After I finished my research paper for class on Saturday, I decided it was time to see some of the Irish countryside. I drove down to a small city along the coast called Tremore. It was only about a 15 minute drive and relatively easy to find.

Tremore was much different than I expected. There was an amusement park and the streets were lined with arcades, games and what looked like a boardwalk. It felt like what I think Coney Island must have been like in the 1940's. It was definitely a local hangout for teens and families. The beach had some sand, but nothing like Florida. It was overcast and pretty cool so I didn't even try the water.

I headed back into Waterford, had dinner at a local pub. Good food & nice environment. I went back to the hotel and hung out at the small bar which I watched the national sport called Hurling. It is a cross between Lacrosse, Soccer and Rugby. None of which I have any clue how to play or understand the rules. Needless to say I just sat there, drank my beer and
Ocean Ocean Ocean

Picture of the Atlantic or Irish Sea from Tremore

Picture of the Atlantic or Irish Sea from Tremorepretended like I was interested. I went back to my hotel room and found a movie channel - which just appeared. Last night I watched Remember the Titans and Scent of a Woman - both of which I have not seen before. It looks like I’m going to catch up on a ton of movies. Nothing else to do except to drink and let’s face it, my body needs a break!

I went to church this morning. I found the only Methodist/Presbyterian church in the county. It was a built in the 1600's which was very neat. The church was old, worn down and not very pretty. I guess that is what the protestants get in a country that is 99% catholic. The pastor, John, was very nice and everyone in the congregation welcomed me. The hymnals don’t have music - just words, so that was a little different. The congregation was very diverse - several people originally from South Africa and Ethiopia who now live in Ireland. I felt like it was the United Nations. We had a baptism this morning of a child named LuLu. Her last name was pronounced Uhm - "click". I almost started laughing when John pronounced Lulu Uhm "click", but I kept composed. After church everyone hung around and had afternoon tea. For my family, you know how much I hate the thought of afternoon tea on a Sunday afternoon. I wanted to punch someone, but again, I stayed composed.

I have spent the rest of the day studying and doing homework. I looked at an apartment this afternoon. It was a very nice place (2 stories, 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, etc). No stove or washer/dryer though. That would be hard to do for 2 months - but it is welcoming for those to come visit 😊 I am going to take a look at another set of apartments tomorrow.

Hope all is well in the states. I am flying home next Thursday for a week. For those at church, I will not be there because I'm going out of town next weekend. I am flying back to Ireland on Saturday (6/30) for 7 straight weeks.



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