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June 10th 2007
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Rental CarRental CarRental Car

Here is my rental car. Cute and compact. It says it holds 4 people and 1 suitcase. Actually it holds me and all of my suitcases.
After attending class on Saturday, I left for the KC airport. Flights were fairly good. Delta did not provide individual TVs so we all had to look at the public TVs attached to the roof. I, of course, had the seat where the TV in front was too far and the one closest to me was above my head. I think I caught most of the movie, but I will have to watch it again to fill in some of the details of which I couldn't see.

We landed in Dublin about an hour late because of head winds so our gate was not ready. We deplaned the entire 767 by a staircase and we were loaded on to buses. Not a big fan of that since I was one of the last people off of the plane. Got through Passport and customs with no issue, finally found the rental car bus and was dropped off at my car.

Driving on the other side of the road isn't too bad. Luckily the steering wheel is on the other side so it keeps you on your toes. I was able to follow cars in front of me the entire 3.5

This my hotel from the outside

This my hotel from the outsidehours. I had a GPS system so she guided me on all of my turns. I would have ended up in the ocean if I didn't have that device. I went through 4 roundabouts in about 5 minutes so I was getting nervous - but I prevailed. The car doesn't have air conditioning - which normally isn't bad. However, today is one of the warmest days they have had this year so it was a little toasty.

So I got to my hotel and checked in. It is a very small hotel (more like a bed and breakfast). The owner welcomed me, poured me a Guiness and started chatting. Granted I flew all night, have been up for 24 hours and sweated my ass off in a 3.5 hour car ride. I'm sure I stunk pretty bad - but he was still nice to me. His name is John - we bonded and he filled me in on the hot spots in Waterford.

After showering and changing clothes, I walked into town for dinner and to find a grocery store. I already know I need my Diet Coke and my pop tarts.
Hotel RoomHotel RoomHotel Room

Inside of my hotel room. Nice, quaint and 95 degrees (still not sure what that is in Celcius).
So that is what I bought!
Hotel Room
Inside of my hotel room. Nice, quaint and 95 degrees (still not sure what that is in Celcius).Picture attached if you care.

So, I am back in my hotel for now (not air conditioned either - so I'm sweating). I'm going to join my project lead out for a drink in about 1 hour so I need to change again to look presentable. I sure as hell hope it gets either 1) cooler outside since there is no air conditioning or 2) install some air conditioning in my car and hotel. I know I sound like a spoiled American, but please - you don't want to see me hot and miserable. My team will hate me for sure!

So more to come later.


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Going to the storeGoing to the store
Going to the store

Picture of my staples - Diet Coke and PopTarts

11th June 2007

What movie?
What movie did you miss? Also, is it pretty standard that rentals not have air conditioning, or was that just more bad luck?
11th June 2007

Best Wishes
Thanks for the update. Everything sounds exciting except for no AC. Think about buying a small fan. This is a wonderful opportunity to experence new people and country. Keep us posted. Best wishes and much love. Grandpa and Grandma
12th June 2007

J- I tried to read the other comments and got a fatal error... hmm that just doesn't fly in my business ;) Glad to got there safe and all. Great pics. Your place looks great. Keep the stories coming. SF

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