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April 14th 2007
Published: August 7th 2007
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Thats right, in the small town with 10 internet cafes I am yet to find the Maccas, or the Subway or anything else that seems to spring up on every single street in every other city I've been to so far.. But this is by far the smallest town I've been to so that could explain it..

Also happy to report every pub has Kilkenny on tap! (wow this must be an exciting place! haha) which you would hope so being called Kilkenny and the beer being called Kilkenny and all..

Went and visited Kilkenny castle, could only get access on a guided tour so thats why I did, the tour guides accent was so strong everyone was struggling to understand her, but no it wasnt a strong Irish accent it was a strong Czech or Polish accent, dont ask why but I just found that funny, on a tour of an Irish castle the guide is Eastern European.. Castle was abit boring, just like every other castle but the grounds are enourmous and beautiful, its like a big national park in the middle of the city.

Tomorrow Im off to Waterford, home of Waterford glass and I
dont know what else haha, should only be a shortish train trip bout half an hour direct from Kilkenny so thats good and then on Wednesday Im off to Cork and so begins the traintrips where I have to go back to Dublin! fun fun!


16th April 2007

i would love to travel around Ireland and feed on those green pastures michelle... can you please fly me over... i will make it worth your while.. xoxoxo love me, im the donkey!!!.
17th April 2007

forgot to say thanks for the postcard. Stay safe lots of love. lovely chatting
5th October 2007

Hey, Kilkenny is alot bigger than you would first think, its a really cool place!! There is a maccas, it's kind of hidden quite a way from the city centre. A Subway is just down a small lane, and a KFC off on the ring road. And of course SuperMacs in the city centre. Not that I eat fast food... :)

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