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April 12th 2007
Published: April 12th 2007
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Well here I am in Kilkenny, the home of Kilkenny! (the beer, Im assuming anyway, think it was named after a guy called Kilkenny who did something here in ireland but i dunno, and I think its a safe assumption that the beer is sold here, never saw it in Dublin however, weird, cos I remember having it on TAP for a while at the Windsor.. Strange that it wouldnt be here in Ireland, I will have to go looking! but no tasting! cos if its anything like that horrible stuff called Guiness.. YUCK!, ok thats enough about that now I think hehe). Anyway like I said, here I am in Kilkenny, took just under 2 hours by train to get here from Dublin, not too bad and at least it was direct not like some of the other trips I'll be going on this month.. I like to get to Galway i have to go all the way back to Dublin and then to Galway, looking at about an 8hour trip and then to go from Galway to Sligo its back to Dublin, change not only trains but STATIONS in Dublin and then on to Galway.. Again about an 8hour trip! oh what fun that'll be!

Im staying in a B&B here in Kilkenny, about a 5min walk from the city centre, with a pub attached to it! haha it'd be even more brilliant if that pub served food, I mean how convinent but no.. how stupid! haha.. Like i've said before I'm getting really sick of having to find food and places to eat, am trying to shrink my stomach so i dont have to eat as often haha and I think its working! (dont worry Mum, I am eating). So after checking into my B&B, very disorganised, had to carry the suitcase up a flight of stairs and got the bed but am yet to be told about the breakfast I started to explore the town of Kilkenny and 2 hours later, I think i've seen most of what there is to see haha, good thing Im only here for 3days.. Having said that, they do have a castle which I'll go visit and the tourist office had a few walking tours that one could do so might go explore that.. funny thing is though, I've seen about 10 internet cafes but no Maccas! haha.. Go figure!


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