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Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík April 14th 2006

Day 9: April 14 - ENGLAND - London; ICELAND - Reykjavik & Keflavik Accommodation: University of Iceland residences ( After leaving Toronto airport at 8am I arrived in London Heathrow airport at what was actually 8am UK time but I was still on Canadian time which was 3am for me, so in waiting for my next flight some 5 hours later I was very tired and tried to catch a nap. Heathrow Terminal 2 wasn’t as inviting as I hoped it would be, and the rain seemed to be following me in most places I visited, but I managed a bit of a nap. I got on my Icelandair flight just before 1pm and I was very excited about finally getting over to Iceland and my first actual European country (not really counting the UK which ... read more

Europe » Iceland April 7th 2006

If I die and have been a good girl, then Heaven will most definitely be Brighton. You walk along the beach and it is nothing but pebbles - no sand - it is amazing! The feeling of the rock crunching underfoot is something I can't really describe, and the sound that the water makes as it pulls back through all the pebbles is hypnotic! People lay all over the place, sleeping with a can of beer beside them.. my place to be - there really is no question! Walking along the promenade beside the ocean, there are seafood carts selling the freshest mussels, prawns, funny snail things etc. in little cups with vinegar and seafood sauce and tabasco and stuff - you pay one pound fifty for a cup and walk along looking out over the ... read more
Fish Lady
Lower Promenade

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík March 18th 2006

Rob, Colin, Jenny and I went to Iceland for 4 days.... read more
Jen and Rob
Snowmobiling 2

Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík March 16th 2006

Knowing that this was possibly our last year in the UK, we decided to make a few trips to places we have always wanted to go. Seeing the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis for you boffins) has been a dream of mine since I first heard about them. Northern Lights don't occur very often, as they require very specific weather conditions: very cold and very still and very clear. Typically visible between December and March, I was crossing my fingers that we'd be lucky enough to see some. Of course, I didn't realise that they coincide with periods of solar activity, which is in an 11-year cycle, and we were there at the least active period (it peaks in 2011, with the next predicted Aurora starting in 2008!) Whoops, talk about bad timing! Besides which, the weather ... read more
View from the oldest Parliament in the world
Where's my wetsuit?
Me in front of Gullfoss

Europe » Iceland September 9th 2005

Iceland is absolutely beautiful... and I recommend it to everybody. The low-down is as follows... - so much nature and beauty to see (I need more time!!!) - awesome hot springs / geothermal pools... but they smell like rotten egg from the sulfur - pricey, pricey, and pricey... you had better save up if you want to see everything. - Key attractions are: the Blue Lagoon, The Geysir, Thingvellir National Park, Gullfoss Waterfall (all of which I saw). - what I didn't see: The vast wild bird life (like Puffins... on local islands), whale watching, the northern lights, glaciers, dog-sledding, horse back ride, and believe it or not... much more. - night life: people kick it hard on the weekends. mostly a younger crowd on friday night. Girls are pretty hot. anyways... I hope this isn't ... read more
Blue Lagoon 2
The Geysir

Europe » Iceland August 23rd 2005

Arriving into the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, at 6:30 a.m. is like entering mars with no sound of human existence. A bus took Joe and I from the airport to the bus station where we were suppose to jump onto a connecting bus to our city hostel. After waiting an hour, we finally decided to take a taxi instead to the hostel only to find out we had to wait another 4 hours until check-in. Maybe a coffee and some breakfast would tie us over until then, so we walked and walked and walked to find somewhere that was open. After finishing our toast, the only thing served before 10 a.m., we walked a bit more around the quiet city center. Now it was time to check-in—wrong—one of the managers yelled at us for coming too ... read more
The Blue Lagoon
Looking into the Keiro Crater
The Great Geyser

Europe » Iceland May 19th 2005

Today, Cara and I traveled out of the city and into the countryside. We toured "The Golden Circle" (No, Greg Breault, this "Golden Circle" is nothing like the one you had in Bangkok with 3 Thai hookers). Active volcanos, glaciers, bubbling mineral pools, geysirs. fuming steam vents, and crystal clear crater lakes make Iceland a geologists' playground. We had an incredible experience visiting a geological grand-slam that includes the American and Eurasian continental rift, Gulfoss- a massive cascading waterfall, and a geysir field. The edge of the American continental plate ripples along the terrain like the sharp spine of a prehistoric serpent. Standing at the edge of what amounts to over 5 mile wide crack in the earth was awe-inspiring. This is where the American and Eurasian continental plates meet and drift apart, sinking the cooled ... read more

Europe » Iceland May 18th 2005

Greetings from Iceland! It's a little chilly and crisp here but not any worse than Boston. We are accomodated at the AdaM Guesthouse, near the center of town and are 5 minutes from everything. Reykjavik is very flat, colorful, modern, European and walkable. I was forced to use one of those coin-operated self-cleaning toilet pods that are "all the rage." You may have seen one near the Boston Public Library. I was quite embarrassed (but not too embarrassed) when it decided to eject me before I had completed "negotiations." Cara was quite amused and let's just say that I can now say "Free Willy" in Icelandic. While I've been recovering from this traumatic event I've taken note of a few interesting facts about Iceland including: 99 % literacy rate 20 hours of sunlight 16oz Coke Cans ... read more
Icelandic Film Scene
"Take our photo" in Icelandic?
CCP Games

Europe » Iceland May 18th 2005

Just look at the photos if you're not into reading all this - I'll probably wax lyrical for paragraphs about Iceland because it was so great. I'm avoiding looking at my credit card statement at the moment. It will just upset me after having had such a lovely time in Iceland. I feel very privileged for being able to go there - it's not exactly somewhere that would be affordable for the impoverished student backpacker. I had a pot of beer and then realised it had just cost me about $15. The trip was definitely worth the expense though as Iceland is one of the most beautiful places I've been, if not a bit unusual in its appearance. I learned a lot about geology while I was there as everything to do with the country revolves ... read more
Gulfoss again

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur January 18th 2003

I once spent three months farming sheep in Iceland. It was a bit of a drunken mistake applying for the job in the first place. Well, I say that but I can’t actually remember. Maybe it was a very carefully considered decision I made. I’d seen an Icelandic band play in a pub on the Saturday night and had gone home and checked them out online. From their site I found another and then another and eventually ended up applying for a job as a sheep farmer. So the farmer contacted me on the Monday, asked me if I could start on the Friday, I quit my job on the Tuesday and flew out on the Thursday. I stayed on the farm with the farmer and his wife but I had my own cottage out the ... read more

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