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January 4th 2018
Published: January 4th 2018
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And as the trip winds down (noooooo) I figured I wanted to try Blue Lagoon when it's frigid outside. Sure, it's great and comfy in the middle of summer, but I was curious (despite the stupid price) to see what it's like in winter.

I don't like tourists traps and I generally do my best to avoid them unless I have a good deal... but this is the rare one that I keep going back to, price be damned, and it didn't disappoint.

So, the water has silica, algae and an assortment of minerals in it - it's actually a weird milky white if you scoop a bit out in your hand, but it's the sun's reflection is what gives it the gorgeous colour in the lagoon. Since it has all the stuff in it, the water does marvels for your skin. I'm like a fluffy cloud all over. It does a number on your hair though... trade-offs lol. They tell you to use conditioner and leave it in before you go in the water, and then to condition the crap out of your hair once you get out, otherwise your hair is like straw for about a week. I conditioned and my hair is still a little feral lol, but not as bad as it was first time I came.

I also love that there's a perma-mist/fog around the area from all the steam. It gives this unearthly-vibe, as do so many of Iceland's unique spots. I mean the lagoon is in the middle of a giant lava field... so like... it's all unearthly lol. And since it's in a lava field and you have all the rocks, the lagoon isn't even all over the place, so you have these areas that are higher up (yet smooth from erosion, right), so they make the perfect lounging areas where you can literally sit on a large, rounded bump and lay back in the water. Perfect.

Ah. And did a mention it's essentially a giant hot tub? ~37-40 degrees depending where you're at in the lagoon. It's marvelous. And the great thing (ok one of MANY great things) about Iceland is that they have thermal pools pretty much everywhere. This one is a little special with the makeup of the water, sure, but if you're just looking to veg out in some toasty water they are everywhere.

And that's that. I fly home tomorrow. Thanks for reading 😊 Next trip is in March, but I'm supervising for work, so not sure if I'll have time (or energy?) to blog lol. Otherwise I'm back at it in the summer as per usual - I've convinced Mom to join me on a Baltic cruise. I'm sure there will be all sorts of shenanigans 😊

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