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September 15th 2010
Published: September 16th 2010
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We spent about an hour in the Iceland Airport. Brief though the stop was, Bagelmonkeys made the following conclusions:
- Iceland looks incredible. I was not in my usual window seat on the plane, so observations were made from afar but the landscape looked black and barren from the sky and then green and lush from the ground. Crazy mind trick!
- The air was crisp and clean. After being in a stuffy airplane with head colds for 6.5 hours, we were happy to have such nice air to breathe. It must be a non-smoking airport.
- Stopping in Reykjavik is the best midway point! We will have to do it again.
- We did not see any of their volcanoes, active or otherwise, from the sky due to the morning cloud cover.
- Bjork, though not the only export out of Iceland, is still the most significant.

The End.


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