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September 15th 2010
Published: September 16th 2010
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We were only in the airport and the train station in Frankfurt. The airport seemed nice enough, if not still a little smoky--there were designated Camel Smoking Stations (fishbowl glass enclosures) for smokers but I suspect the smoke was wafting out into non-smoking areas.

To get from the airport to the train station we took a bright yellow double-length shuttle bus. Our impressions from the shuttle of Frankfurt:
1. It's an industrial town
2. Lots of change is happening, new buildings being built, transition.

One building was all concrete, which reminded me of images I'd seen of Eastern Europe during the Cold War. It was a hotel. Frankfurt was, of course, a Western acquisition early on so I was surprised to see it.

I read a book recently about WWII as told from a Hitler Youth and from the author's telling, Frankfurt was hit very, very hard by the allies. I wonder what the place looked like before the war.

The delicious scent of baked goods hit us when we entered the train station. Once we procured our Euros, we trekked to the bakerie with the best looking pretzel selection and ordered two slathered with butter and fresh chive. Yay late lunch!

We passed out on the train, exhausted from our travels and at this point having been awake for more than a 24 hour block. We likely won't make any more impressions about Frankfurt on this trip. There is always next time.


17th September 2010

Frankfurt before WWII

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