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Europe » Germany September 25th 2010

As we are about to finish up our honeymoon trip here in Munich and Austria, I have found myself with new revelations about our Bavarian Brothers and Sisters that I would like to share with you now: Oktoberfest is about the three B’s: Bier, Brats, and Boobs. This place is amazing where else can you get your fill of all three at once? …okay I’m sure you’ll think of a few places, but we’re talking an unlimited supply of each… on tap… on demand! First of all, the bier. German Bier is easily my favorite hands down. And I drink it primarily at home and abroad if at all possible. That said I accidently ordered a Budweiser on the train today coming back from Vienna, and didn’t realize it until I had already returned to my ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna September 24th 2010

Again, we slept in. It was nearly 9am when I woke up. Jer phoned to secure a tour reservation at the big Austrian palace—I’m not up to looking it up right now so it will be known as Big-Aus-Palace in this blog. Basically, it’s a huge palace that rivaled Versailles. We dressed and hurried across town via street tram for our tour. I was still on edge from the day before. Again, Vienna appeared an unattractive and dirty smudge of a city. Jer and I had not yet had breakfast so we stopped at the first café we spotted situated just inside the palace gates. The woman manning the counter was pushy, which resulted in Jer over ordering food (she told him the thing he wanted was “small” so he ordered a second thing), me growing ... read more

Europe » Austria » Vienna » Vienna September 23rd 2010

We woke up early, to an alarm. Our train was scheduled to leave at 11:10 and a ferry boat ride must be taken beforehand. The hotel provided breakfast, which is always a good excuse for rising early. We filled up on cheese, more freshly baked rolls, yogurt, and fruit before heading out to get another quick fix of Hallstatt loveliness sans bags. The town was still waking up. Locals were up but most of the tourists were still in their hotels. We wandered through the village and took a lot of pictures before returning to our own lodgings to check out. Jer’s penchant for punctuality meant we waited for the ferry for thirty minutes. There are worse things to wait for. The morning was bright and sunny, the lake was cool and calm, and I had ... read more

Europe » Austria » Upper Austria » Hallstatt September 22nd 2010

We woke up early. Jer insisted the night before that we pack up for the next few days. We left a few things at the flat. Another sunny day greeted us! I still brought my newly purchased raincoat. The forecasters promise rain this weekend. Even though I am dread to have us in a downpour, I’d appreciate a light drizzle—while wearing my raincoat—to justify my bringing it. We bought more sandwiches for breakfast. This time, I had ham and cheese and Jer had cheese. We settled into our seats for the first leg of our trip and had to transfer a second time to a third train. The journey on the third train was the best, even though we were hot from the sun and the air in the train was stale. The Alps came into ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Andechs September 21st 2010

We slept in again! This is becoming a habit. Erika’s cat slept with us most of the night. If we didn’t already have such an awesome cat, we’d steal hers. Kidding! Jer and I realized that we only had one day left in Munchen and had not yet visited Andechs. Not visiting Andechs would have been a failure of this trip. So visit Andechs we must. Before trekking to the countryside, though, we had to do a couple of things at the Hauptbahnhoff: we needed more cash and we also wanted to reserve seats on our upcoming train travels through Austria. Jer had already writen out our itinerary, which helped a lot. The gentleman who helped us was very kind. He kept saying, “Two window seats for two nice people,” while he plonked on the keys ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich September 20th 2010

We slept in a little today. This trip has been about sleeping in, actually. It’s been pretty nice. I actually feel pretty well rested for once. This was our last day with Erika; she had to work in the afternoon and then was heading to Frankfurt to pick up her dad and stepmom and spend a couple of days visiting with the in-laws. When Jer and I awoke, we were greeted with another delicious breakfast assembled by Erika. It consisted mostly of fresh rolls from the bakery and a collection of cheeses. I love these simple but tasty and filling meals. The previous night we’d discussed doing something today but were still at a loss for what to do. Erika decided to take us on a walk along the river. She explained that Mucheners (probably destroying ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich September 19th 2010

Oktoberfest took its toll on this girl. It's been a long, long time since I've drunk to excess. I suppose if you're going to do such a thing--intentional or not--Oktoberfest day 1 is the time and place to do it. After having passed out the night before, I woke up pretty early. Jet lag. A relic of it lingers. Unlike most mornings, when I am up for hours and hours, this version woke me up, I concluded I felt a lot better than I had the night before. Still, I felt off. So I drifted back to sleep. Jer woke up a few hours later. He tried to wake me up. He failed. I just Not dehydrated, not hungover, per se, My body craved sleep, and due to the abuse of the previous day, ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich September 18th 2010

How do you know if you had a good time at Oktoberfest? It takes you until 2pm the following afternoon to recover. Words to describe Oktoberfest: beer, fun, crazy, friendly, raucous, unity, festive, many things! We had hoped to be present in the Spaten beer tent for the tapping of the first keg which essentially kicks off Oktoberfest. We arrived at the grounds at around 8:30am. People were already drinking. After standing in a mob for an hour wedged against some younger German boys, Jer and I decided to wander around and see if there was any place in any tent to sit. There were none. I suspect if we'd been dressed in liederhosen and dryndils (I am butchering the spellings, it's too late to care) we'd have found a spot. No matter. I grew ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich September 18th 2010

It's just after 6am here. I have jet lag (still!) so I am writing this up before we get up in 20 mins to get ready for Oktoberfest. We want to be present for the tapping of the keg and do not have a reservation. We are hoping to see it anyway. Yesterday was good. We slept in. I know that sleeping in is just a normal vacation thing for most vacationers, but we rarely do it. There are too many things to see! But we were exhausted enough that we did sllep in and it was fabulous. Once we rolled out of bed, we visited a nearby bakery for late breakfast goodies (the staff was very rude) and headed to the U-bahn. Our destination was the Olympic Park. We tooled around there, visited the stadium ... read more

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich September 16th 2010

This morning started out with a quick trip to the local bakery for rolls and coffee. We returned to Erika's flat and she made us breakfast: butter cheese, gouda, butter, cucumber, rolls, jam and juice. Everything was so good! We then got dressed and headed to the Oktoberfest grounds. We wanted to scope things out before Saturday. Things were bustling as the final finishing touches were being put into place. They let people wander the grounds and duck into the beer halls. We checked out a few and snapped a few photos. The tents are huge and almost look like they could be permanent structures, they are built so well! We enjoyed walking the grounds before things get too crazy. We also climbed into Bavaria's head. That alone was very cool!... read more

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