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September 19th 2010
Published: September 20th 2010
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Oktoberfest took its toll on this girl. It's been a long, long time since I've drunk to excess. I suppose if you're going to do such a thing--intentional or not--Oktoberfest day 1 is the time and place to do it.

After having passed out the night before, I woke up pretty early. Jet lag. A relic of it lingers. Unlike most mornings, when I am up for hours and hours, this version woke me up, I concluded I felt a lot better than I had the night before. Still, I felt off. So I drifted back to sleep. Jer woke up a few hours later. He tried to wake me up. He failed. I just felt...off. Not dehydrated, not hungover, per se, just...off. My body craved sleep, and due to the abuse of the previous day, it needed it.

We left the flat by 3pm.

Our only planned activity for the day was to visit Nymphenburg Palace. Erika had suggested it and Jer and I were surprised we hadn't visited it during our previous visit. This sentiment was repeated several times by us as we approached the palace. Its facade is huge. It's front "water feature" is huge. It's back gardens are...you guessed it: HUGE.

We toured the king's wing and the queen's wing. We ate a late lunch at the cafe and explored some of the other sights, too. Thanks to me getting us off to a late start, we had limited time until they closed. We were also meeting Erika & Clemens back at the flat to have dinner.

For anyone visiting Munich, make Nymphenburg Palace one of your must-sees. You don't even have to pay to see the majority of it; the grounds are free to roam.

After that, we returned to the flat and visited with our wonderful, laid back hosts. Erika made tofu pad Thai and we caught up on all we had done over all of our weekends. After the insane day at Oktoberfest, a chill follow-up seeing day and relaxing dinner was just what we needed.


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