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17th September 2010

Frankfurt before WWII
21st May 2009

haha your blog made me laugh :) I'm from scotland and number 4 is so true!!!! the girls here wear far to much makeup and fake tan, i think it's to compensate for our lack of sunshine!
17th May 2009

It probably took you 30 seconds to type this email, didnt it...
13th May 2009

Yay! Yay! Yay!
I am so excited for you! Have fun and take lots of photos.
12th May 2009

So jealous..wish I were hanging out over there!! Although the sun finally came out today despite the dark clouds surrounding it. I love reading your have a way with words..something like a writer..(*snicker*) I wish I could write..I guess some people have a knack, and you sure do (and you can type super fast too!) Say Hi to Jer for me and have lots of fun!
20th July 2007

I finally had some time to actually look through this...I am not too green with envy. Maybe you should put your neighbor on a train and send him v.v. far away.
20th June 2007

Good story
I love reading your stories.
19th June 2007

I got a recepie for you and your tofu. Tofu taco's! Two of the best things together! Mexican and tofu. Firm tofu cubed, black beans, olives, taco seasoning, corn (whatever you think would be good at the time or what you have in the kitchen available); combine with some of their own juices (if using caned stuff)... not all and put in soft taco shell. Yum!! Also good as a soup if you put more of the juices in it and crushed hard taco shells on top. oh.... you may want to heat it up too in a large pot! :)
19th June 2007

Why in the world didn't you eat the oysters. Those look so good. You need to set aside your hate/dislike for seafood and dive in (no pun intended...really...)
16th June 2007

At least you didn't have to sleep in a box...similarly sized to that phone booth, except horizontal...did you?
16th June 2007

You are so good
Taking pix and journaling...while I sit here thinking, "I can't concentrate. I have a sniffly head."

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