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Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur August 15th 2019

August 10, 2019 –Isafjördur, Iceland– Weather: 43°F/6°C, cloudy all day, rain in am, wind 15 mph, humidity 70° The port of call today is Isafjördur, Iceland which serves as the regional capital of the Westfjörd region. For centuries this port was a major center of commerce and trading for the fishing industry. While fishing is still a major economic force tourism is a growing feature for the future. The area boasts some of the oldest buildings in Iceland, including four wooden structures from the 18thcentury which avoided destruction from fires. Today’stour: Arctic Foxes and Avalanches took us first on a drive along the coast of the fiord through the town of Súðavik, where in the 19thcentury the Norwegians established two whaling stations. The town was partially destroyed in the mid 1990’s by an avalanche; mo... read more
2_Rescued pup
3_Fox Facts
4_Rugged Landscape

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur August 15th 2018

This morning it wasn’t quite as hectic getting to the Lido and then onto our tour. We didn’t even bother with an alarm. Today’s tour was just 4 Hours, so it wasn’t going to be a terribly exhausting day either. Sharon mentioned that the tour cost $300, and that seemed a bit high for a half-day tour. In the back of my mind I hear the cautionary words that things are more expensive in Iceland. But still! Our tour group wasn’t the first tour group called as we waited in the Showroom. When they announced the “Kayaking in Isafjordur” tour, participants got a rousing applause for their bravado (all six of them). As we left the ship I noticed the two on our deck getting their bicycles ready for another ride. We got on the bus, ... read more
Recreated Viking Village
Recreated Viking Village

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur August 7th 2018

Ordered in breakfast again today, as I needed to be ready to leave for my Sudureyri Food Trail tour this morning at 8:15am. At 6:30 this morning the ship docked in Ísafjödur so that tends to be your wake up call - if you do manage to sleep through this then usually Skulk will be on the loudspeaker around 7am to announce we have docked and to get everyone up and moving. Ísafjödur Is the largest town in the Westfjords peninsula, with some 2,600 inhabitants. The old town has wooden houses with corrugated tin roofs, built by fishing merchants in the 18th and 19th centuries. The growth of the town was triggered by salt fish production and ever since then the fishing industry has been vital for the community. The town is surrounded by rugged and ... read more
Not sure this boat will go far!
The picturesque fjord
Fish drying house

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur August 2nd 2018

V Drangnesu mají svého kamenného trola, takze jsme se na nej sli podivat. Mno, uplne impozantni teda uz není, takze popojedeme. Dostal jsem opet vysadu ridit, coz ukazuje Katcinu odvahu. Ono ale jezdit kolem fjordu je k fsteku. Jedete 15 minut jednim smerem, pak udelate otocku o skoro 180 stupnu a jedete 15 minut zpatky, abyste se dostali o cca 2 km jinam nez na zacatku. A to opakujte několikrát. Kdyby to slo alespoň prebrodit, ale na to jsme nemeli pojistku ani ponornou hloubku… Fjordy samotne takove mirne cajk, ale nic moc speciálního necekejte. Ale turista tu muze trefit jackpot (obrazne… fyzicky trefite maximalne ovci nebo jiného turistu, coz není zadna velka vyhra) – semtam se v fjordu skryvaji ryby, velryby a jiné lochnesky. A pak uz jenom staci mit oka na stopkách. Coz je mirne ... read more
Vodopad jak z cukrarny
Zaparkovana lod
2 papuchalci

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur July 6th 2018

The Westfjords are supposed to be beautiful and not touristy...but I think the word must be out, because they felt equally busy to the East/North when I was there. They are slow and tedious to navigate around (gravel roads over mountain passes, fjords where you drive for an hour and end up 1-2 kms across from where you started, cliffs), but definitely beautiful. My second day there the sun really came out! All day! It was gone by the next day, but everyone was reeeaaal excited.... read more
Drangsnes hot pots - loved the location on the water
Drangsnes hot pots

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur July 8th 2017

From Akureyri’s domestic airport (1 hr 10 min), we dropped off the rental car and Sarah, Sheila, and John flew west onurl=¤cy=EUR&tour=false&tourCode=&youths=0 Air Iceland at 5:00 pm, arriving in Isafjordur at 7:55 pm, with aerial views of Iceland's indented coastline and glacier-carved interior. Originally settled in the 9th century, Isafjordur became a trading post for foreign merchants in the 16th century and today is the main town in the remote Westfjords in far-northwest Iceland. The sheer isolation of this region has kept it well off the traditional tourist circuit. Sean and Mandy flew back to Reykja... read more

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur May 16th 2016

Today we landed in Isafjordur, a small town with a population of 2,600. We booked a tour with Wild Westfjords, the Dynjandi Waterfall & The Westfjords tour. Our tour guide is a student at the University Centre of the Westfjords, he is from Sacramento, California and is getting his masters in Coastal and Marine Management. The school offers two masters programs and no bachelors. A year of school costs him double what students from Iceland or the EU pay a total of $4,000.00 per year. He has low rent around $300 per month and shares ownership of a car with his roommates. Iceland is a deal for students but all products and taxes are expensive. The people of Isafjordur are very honest, they do not lock their homes or cars. Babies are left in their strollers ... read more

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur June 9th 2014

Isafjordur, Iceland--Monday, June 9th Before we left home for this cruise, we googled around to learn about the next two communities in Iceland we were to visit. This community is located on the west coast and the other, for our visit tomorrow, is located on the far north coast of Iceland. Isafjordur we learned was very tiny, with a population of about 2,600. It is the largest town on the peninsula of Westfjords and is located on a spit of sand, in the Skutulsfjorour fjord that meets the waters of the larger Isafjaroardjup fjord. Think you can pronounce these names?? We sure can’t. Anyway, the maps of the place showed that the cruise ship docked close to the village and we could walk a few blocks and be in the midst of it so, we didn’t ... read more
1406-86 MV Explorer in port
1406-87 Fish farming cages waiting to be deployed
1406-88 Maritime museum

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur September 9th 2013

An Italian out-door club coming to Iceland end of April and are doing a tour around the country before joining a ski-weekend in Isafjordur. The bus was playing tricks on us just before the tour started so had to be fixed the day before. One thing off the check-list. My driver broke his leg a week before the tour, another driver hired on the last minute – one more thing off the check-list. We, thirty five people, set off in the morning, all skis fitted into the bus and the group was hoping there would be snow somewhere in the hills on our way so they could do some walks. No snow on the southern part except the glaciers that were all white and pretty, but too far away. The first day was good, the weather ... read more
Gryla's candles

Europe » Iceland » Northwest » Ísafjördur August 30th 2013

The snow covered tops of the mountains seemed close enough to touch as we flew past. They rose around our plane on all sides, our shadow showed up clearly on the snow below. The pilot turned sharply and we suddenly entered an opening, blue water and a little town at our feet. Following the sharp turn was a sudden descent onto a short air-strip, I didn’t think we were going to make it. But our teeny little plane touched down without a hitch and we were in Isafordur, Westfjords. We stayed one more night in Reykjavik after exploring the South Coast. We spent a lovely evening with Hofi, a friend of Pete’s who lives in Reykjavik with her partner and their new baby April. We had an amazing vegan feast prepared by Hofi’s mum that blew ... read more

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