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Europe » Hungary » Western Transdanubia » Sopron July 16th 2013

Tuesday July 16 – Today was a daytrip to Sopron. I started with breakfast in my hotel again, and this time it was a woman who spoke to me in German. It’s much more common for Hungarian’s to speak German than English, it seems. But they are so close to Austria that it makes sense. And actually, Sopron, my destination for the day, has a huge number of Austrians who cross the border each day for cheap hair cuts and dental work, kind of like me grocery shopping in Germany and France from my home in Basel. But getting back to breakfast, today I tried something new. I got the muesli, a healthy cereal type option, with hot chocolate instead of tea. I’m such a daredevil. At the train station there was some confusion about the ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Western Transdanubia » Sopron May 6th 2011

Sopronban jártunk. Előtte Fertődre, utána a Jeli arborétumba is benéztünk. Együtt utaztunk a diákokkal, s a KOPINT-DATORG Szakközépiskola tanáraival.... read more
A kastélyban

Europe » Hungary » Western Transdanubia » Sopron April 6th 2010

After a convenient 1 hours train ride from Vienna, we arrived in Sopron. Sopron is 9km from the Austrain/Hungarian border and 60km from Vienna and is one of Hungary's tourist destinations. We were staying at time share accommodation at the Solar Club Hotel, whilst situated a little out of town it was a comfortable 20min walk. The accommodation itself was fine and provided all the amenities, although I had to sit out in the garden to have wifi access. My first impression of Hungary was somewhat mixed. Hungary certainly was not as affluent and wealthy as its Austrian cousin, everything was just a little more run down e.g. buildings, roads etc. We also quickly found that very few Hungarians speak english (many spoke German), however there was ample tourist information written in english. On our first ... read more
Sopron Main Square
Loverek Forest 2
View from Watchtower

Europe » Hungary » Western Transdanubia » Sopron September 13th 2008

sziasztok:) nos kissé elkésve, de itt van par uj kep, hogy hol jartunk miota visszajottunk Gorogorszagbol...persze elso utunk a szulokhoz vezetett, ugyhogy ujra a videki tajon turazgathattunk Tapi kutyam nagy örömere:) hogy a turazasok hogyan valtak izgalmas kalandá, azt az alábbi kep-szovegek rögélik el néktek.... figyelem,iq-katosíto piszkos reszletek jonnek...... read more
A kerti  piros vödör azonban üres vala, igy Mozart tovabb ontotta szoprán hangját
snitt: szep tajkep viragokkal es templommal a hatterben
Mindeközben egy kicsi kertben Tapi kutya szalad a gazdihoz alig varja mar h. odaérjen hozzá(én)hisz naon szereti a gazdit

Europe » Hungary » Western Transdanubia » Sopron July 22nd 2008

Gorog utunk elott hazalatogattunk a szulofalumba Baluval:) Pereszteg Soprontol kb.18km-re talalhato,bekes kis falucska...a termeszeten kivul itt nem sok mindent talal a vandor, csupan 1kocsmat,2boltot, 1ovit es 1altalanos iskolat, dehat en ezert is szertem. Keveseknek adatott meg az a szerencse, h. olyan helyen cseperedjen fel, ami eleg kozel van a nagyvaroshoz ahhoz h. a lehetosegek tarhaza nyitott maradjon szamara es megis , eleg messze ahhoz,hogy megtapasztalja az egyszeruseg oromet,a termeszet szepseget es a szabadsag varazsat. Es ami a legfontosabb, itt elnek a szuleim, akikhez sosem "vendegsegbe", hanem "haza" megyek...... read more
meztel csigak tokviragon
Balu kapitany munkara fogva
kalvaria a mezo szelen

Europe » Hungary » Western Transdanubia » Sopron March 2nd 2008

Sunday was our final day and my favorite part of the whole trip. If breakfast was bad the first day, it was simply laughable the next. The lights were out (although they had been working fine at dinner the night before) so each table had only a candle. The bread was a half an hour late and the drinks came in stages. It was a bit ridiculous, but it wasn’t worth complaining about. It was definitely memorable! After our funny little meal, the entire group gathered their belongings, checked out of the hostel, and boarded the bus. We made a quick stop to Parliament for pictures (for those who weren’t able to go on Saturday because of the storm) and then continued on our way to GYŐR, Hungary for the spas!!!!!! Hungary is famous for its ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Western Transdanubia » Sopron June 20th 2007

This entry is marked as Hungary - since there is no entry on for´Das Burgenland', the current easternmost province of Austria - which stayed with Hungary after the countries split at the end of WW1 until the province, formerly Western Hungary, was joined to the new Austrian republic. That is all of the province except for its capital, Sopron (Odensburg in German), which voted to stay in Hungary. Thus the province was without a capital city. The second largest town, changed its name at the time from Mattersdorf or Mattersvillage to Mattersburg or Matterscastle, in order to give it more cachet as a possible capital city but the title went to the contender Eisenstadt which already was called Stadt or City. Both of the towns are still quite small. The province was quite poor ... read more
No Map
First sign of Vienna (Wien)
Burgenland Border (Kalch)

Europe » Hungary » Western Transdanubia » Sopron July 30th 2006

I originally planned to stay in Budapest for three days, but on the way there, I read an article in my inflight magazine about a quaint little city on the Hungarian/Austrian border called Sopron (pronounced “Sho-pron”) that was worth a visit. Since I had an extra day on my train pass, I decided to go to Sopron for one day and cut short my visit to Budapest. After getting yelled at by a Hungarian train official, I found the right train heading to Sopron. However, I was a little confused when I saw a different destination on the train, but decided to believe the passengers who shook their heads "yes" when I asked if the train was going to Sopron. First mistake. Always, always, double check the route with the train officials before boarding the train ... read more
View from my room
Liszt Cafe
Liszt Cafe's Fancy Tea

Europe » Hungary » Western Transdanubia » Sopron December 13th 2004

This part of the old town goes back to Roman times. ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Western Transdanubia » Sopron November 26th 2004

I went on a trip to Budapest on November 24. Please go to the gallery for a picture from the trip.... read more

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