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October 19th 2010
Published: October 19th 2010
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So, here I am, home sweet home, Szeged 4 weeks before the Big Trip. Kicking it off with a hen party, limo-champagne, 15 girls hitting the dance floor and the bottom of the Jager shot glasses. It was just like "my sweet sixteen", apart from the fact that we are like...Oh wait, never mind.
The following week, one more Hep A+B injection and a wedding with more Jager than ever. Obviously, not the Jager injection - but considering how bit the hangover was you never know what was in that injection.. Lol.
More and more running around, parties, girls nights out and friend's baby's visits and than fate decided to keep the best for last.
Lets go back to the wedding: happy times, Hungarian folk music and a bit of shot-after-effect, toilet and a flying camera hitting the hard floor. Oups! Not that it was expensive, very good and it was THE camera for THE trip. Hasta la vista, it never opened its pretty eyes anymore. RIP.
Stress, hassle, what to do?! The one and only repair shop based in Budapest, like any decent shop in Hungary. New plan, new camera - a cheaper version in girlie pink, which was straight away spilled with booze at the School Reunion party.
I do not even think it's worth to mention a boozed-soaked green silk dress that took 2 weeks to fix by the cleaners..
Or the fact that my dear bank "forgot" to send me my debit card, which is of course The account for The trip, almost all my money is on that account, the only problems is: I cannot access it.
I will have to wait in Bangkok in the hostel and pray for the postman that he wont be a useless prick and will deliver it on time. Just what you need 5 days before a 4-months trip: no money.
Then came the 10 years School Reunion, new camera straight spilled with booze. It did survive, though, looks like the cheaper the better quality. Arriving home at 7 in the morning was not such a good idea considering the following day's hangover and the fact that it was The day for packing. Oups.
Anyway, a few grey hairs - halleluja I'm "natural blond", so nobody can see it, and 20 minutes left before leaving to the airport and I'm still here typing.
Ok guys, off I go!
Next blog in Bangkok!! 😱

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