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Europe » Hungary » Southern Great Plain » Szeged May 7th 2019

Der Tag war ziemlich hart und er bahnte sich gleich so an. Am Montag Nachmittag begann es zu regnen, es regnete die ganze Nacht durch, immer, wenn ich aus meinem besonders geistlichen Traum aufwachte, hörte ich die Tropfen. Und in der Früh regnete es selbstredend auch noch. Temperatur 3°. Dass der Wert immerhin im Plus lag konnte mich nicht aufheitern. Die Felder standen unter Wasser und in den Stiefeln schwappte es auch bald. Ich frühstückte nicht im Hotel, weil mein schlauer Plan war, dass ich dann unterwegs Pause machen könnte und mich aufwärmen. Es fehlten aber völlig die gut ausgestatteten Tanken, an denen so etwas möglich gewesen wäre. Um 14.00 hatte ich immer noch nicht gefrühstückt. Allerdings hörte es ungefähr da auf, zu regnen. Allerdings brachte das nicht viel. Die Temperatur stieg erst ganz zum Schluss ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Southern Great Plain » Szeged October 19th 2010

So, here I am, home sweet home, Szeged 4 weeks before the Big Trip. Kicking it off with a hen party, limo-champagne, 15 girls hitting the dance floor and the bottom of the Jager shot glasses. It was just like "my sweet sixteen", apart from the fact that we are like...Oh wait, never mind. The following week, one more Hep A+B injection and a wedding with more Jager than ever. Obviously, not the Jager injection - but considering how bit the hangover was you never know what was in that injection.. Lol. More and more running around, parties, girls nights out and friend's baby's visits and than fate decided to keep the best for last. Lets go back to the wedding: happy times, Hungarian folk music and a bit of shot-after-effect, toilet and a flying camera ... read more
Training, tennis
Girls night out

Europe » Hungary » Southern Great Plain » Szeged April 15th 2009

Sorry it's been so long since I updated. Internet and traveling got in the way. And anyway, we all knew this would happen. So, picking up from where I left off, I went from Pecs to Szeged and met my host there. He was really nice but had to leave the next day so we did a quick tour of town, had a nice dinner and just hung out. Some of his stories were fascinating in a ˝Your life is like a soap opera and I'm glad I'm not you˝kinda way. The next day, I wandered around Szeged after a late start since it was raining in the morning. It's not that big and I tried to see as much as I could in the rain but really, walking around soaked is not fun. It's kinda ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Southern Great Plain » Szeged August 18th 2008

We have just stopped at a little town just short of the Romanian border. Although today we have only covered a short distance it has been an epic. If you classed Hungarian roads in climbing terms they would be at least V Dif. They are littered with pot holes or very high ridges where the traffic has caused ruts in the melting tarmac. Cycle paths are about as smooth as the tracks on Woodbury Common and the drivers drive like crazy. You really have to have nerves of steel when riding on the main highways. Anyway we had a good time in Budapest. We found a half decent hotel and had the Hungarian version of 'Fish and Chips' - actually it was the best meal we have had in here. We are both doing fine but ... read more
Joy window shopping in Vienna
Vienna taxi rank
Vienna's version of Glastonbury - our camp site

Europe » Hungary » Southern Great Plain » Szeged January 5th 2008

My uncle took me to the zoo the other day. You'll see some pictures of animals I posted. I had trouble sleeping for a few nights. Helping my mom pack, then New Years, then staying up playing Pratrician II. Yesterday I slept a total of about 18 hours! I also got a good night's sleep last night. Love Yall, Daniel... read more

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