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Backpacking trip, 2010

Starting from London4 weeks home in Szeged, Hungary,Fly through Cairo to Bangkok,Thailand-Laos-Vietnam-Cambodia-Malaysia-Singapore-Indonesia


Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand December 26th 2010

What happened to this city we could not figure out.. We followed the Bible as usual (Lonely Planet) and ended up in the "backpackers"street of Ayutthaya, that consisted of 3-4 lonely riders sipping beer in a few bars and the liveliest place to be was a Jazz Bar with a funny chap, the owner, trying to entertain us with geography games. We all know how much I just love jazz music, so it was time to find some decent music. It was quiet late but nevertheless, Rich and me were hungry for some dancing, so we hopped on some dodgy motorbike-taxis ( basically you sit behind someone and hope he is actually able to ride motors), and followed the recommendations of the locals of where to find the cool places to be. This ended up us ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Ko Samet October 25th 2010

Our first impressions of this island was the usual as before: an official travel agency that told us the accommodations are totally fully booked on the whole island due to a Thai national holiday and there is only one place where we need to pay a very high price for a hotel. Me, already outsmarted all travel agents (muhaha), didn't believe a word he said. This turned out to be a good idea as we did manage to find several options, and ended up staying at the National Park's bungalows for half the price, of course. This is another place where Health and Safety rules are not known to anyone. There were electric plugs hanging outside my bungalow in the rain, the sockets inside were sparkling every time i plugged in something - so Im just ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok October 22nd 2010

After a long long flight through Cairo - where I managed to meet up with 2 Hungarian very funny guys - I arrived to Bangkok. Nevermind the sleepless hours I was enthusiastically searching for the Airport Exit. After walking around for 30 min following notice board directions pointing opposite directions, I finally found the ticket office for the Airport Bus. I was told bus Nr4, but of course, after exiting and asking again it was Bus Nr 2. This was a fair introduction of how life is here, everything is just a big gray cloud, and you never know what to believe or not. There was a very nice lady on the Airport Shuttle bus, who took notes of who wants to get off at what stop in Bangkok. I though, allrighty, its gonna be a ... read more

Europe » Hungary » Southern Great Plain » Szeged October 19th 2010

So, here I am, home sweet home, Szeged 4 weeks before the Big Trip. Kicking it off with a hen party, limo-champagne, 15 girls hitting the dance floor and the bottom of the Jager shot glasses. It was just like "my sweet sixteen", apart from the fact that we are like...Oh wait, never mind. The following week, one more Hep A+B injection and a wedding with more Jager than ever. Obviously, not the Jager injection - but considering how bit the hangover was you never know what was in that injection.. Lol. More and more running around, parties, girls nights out and friend's baby's visits and than fate decided to keep the best for last. Lets go back to the wedding: happy times, Hungarian folk music and a bit of shot-after-effect, toilet and a flying camera ... read more
Training, tennis
Girls night out

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Islington August 27th 2010

So, the big question is: Why Backpacking? Well, I got bored of having too much money, power and high status in society and decided to go on a fun-filled, hill tribe-visiting exotic debauchery staying in 5* hotels, ocean cruisers..You know usual story. In reality, I kinda didn't pass my probation period at work - thank God, we gave up our flat with my roomies and I thought, dude, this is time I should do something different with my life - yet again - and spend all that hard-earned money now before I get way too old to do stuff like this! In bullet points: Friday, lost job. Saturday, sad. Sunday, flights booked. I was actually lucky to have lost my job, as it gave me enough time to arrange all that crap that I had no ... read more
Thai Embassy London
The plan

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