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August 5th 2009
Published: August 6th 2009
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I allowed the boys to sleep in this morning as it has been a while since we didn´t have to set our alarms. We were to meet at 11am to go to the pool although they had to be up earlier for breakfast in the hotel. Breakfast is very westernized. Much different from my last trip to Hungary. They had scrammbled eggs and potatoes and sausage and many of the cereals you will find in the in the States. The boys enjoyed it very much but I´d rather they experience a little more of the culture. Maybe when we get to Budapest.

When we met at 11, much to our dismise it was raining outside. We proceeded to the pool anyway as we knew this would not stop the Hungarians from practicing. We found a good sized indoor room to have a half hour dryland workout before our scrimmage against the team from Eger. The scrimmage better than last night. The Hungarians showed up with a few players that were not here yesterday as I think they realized we were better than they thought.

We lost the scrimmage by 4 goals which was the same margain as last night however, like I said, they had a better team today and we played better throughout. After the scrimmage we went to the restaurant for lunch. Lunch was broccoli soup followed by spaghetti with meat sauce. It was very good. After lunch we were suppsoed to meet our guide for a tour of the castle but there was some sort of mix up and it didn˙t happen. Instead the boys went to the Turbo shop and the mini-mart to buy a few items.

Our second scrimmage against the same team from Eger was at 4:30pm so we didnt get a lot of rest. This scrimmage didn´t go so well. We played five quarters this time and their better endurance shined. We lost by about ten goals and made way too many mistakes. Some due to fatigue and others due to lack of physicality. Hopefully we can play better tomorrow.

After our second tour Brian and I were taken to a coaches meeting while the guys went back to the hotel to rest. Dinner was buffet style again. The guys will hang in their rooms tonight and rest and play cards. Tommorow we will meet at 11am again and this time we will be scrimmaging a visiting German team. I will let you know how it goes.

P.S. Danny says hi Will and congrats on your gold medal and he misses you....a lot!!!

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7th August 2009

...Will says hello to everyone--and thanks for the congratulations! He misses his bro' as well, but is too shy to mention it--What an amazing old pool in Eger!

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