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August 7th 2009
Published: August 7th 2009
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The boys got to sleep in again today as our first match was´t until noon. We got to the pool a little early again and began with dryland training. This time we scrimmaged a club team from Germany. They were between 17-19 years old and a lot bigger and stronger than us. While we didn´t play our best we held our own for most of the scrimmage. We didn´t keep score but it was probably a tie. They had moments where they looked better than us and we had moments where we were the better team. There was also a long 20 minute or so stretch where nobody scored and since we did not play this match with a game clock we could not sub.

The way the German team plays would not fly in the States. They are extremely physical and grabby everywhere on the perimiter and hack a lot on defense. But this is exactly what we need right now. No team back at home will press us as hard as they are, or be nearly as physical. The other bright side is that all three of our goalies are playing better and better each game, gaining confidence along the way.

After the scrimmage we had lunch, again some sort of soup along with a meat and rice dish. After lunch the boys walked around town going to the various shops - Turbo, Adidas, Arena or other. Brian and I went and explored the impressive indoor pool that I posted pictures of on yesterday´s blog.

We met back up at 4pm to go back to the pool for our last scrimamge in Eger. This time we would once again be playing the home team from Eger. I was a little concerned about the boys´energy after playing the German team in the morning but this turned out to be our best scrimmage here by far. We hung with them every quarter eventually losing 9-5 after five quarters of play. Even though we lost by 4 our defense was very impressive. Earlier in the week we had been giving up 15 goals in 4 quarters or play and this time only 9 in 5 quarters. We did struggle to put the ball away on offense, especially on our 6x5 but that will come wtih time and more practice. Plus the Hungarians use a 5-man defense we do not see back home and I think it caught us off guard. Nonetheless Brian and I were very happy with our performance and told the boys they did not have to do the swim set we had originally planned for them after the scrimmage.

After the game we went back to the hotel and had dinner. The rest of the night was free for the boys to pack and if they wanted to walk around town a bit. A bunch of the boys and Brian and myself went next door to play pool and fooseball. Brian and I didn´t lose all night.

Today is our last monring in Eger. We will depart for Budapest in about 15 minutes. The training here has been unbelievable and better than I could have asked for. The teams we are playing are big, fast, physical and very skilled. At the same time they aren´t so much better than us that we are getting crushed and it then it would be a waste of time. I am very impressed at how are guys are holding up and battling even though we are giving up about 30 lbs. per player.

This morning before breakfast we had the guys get up early and do a swim workout in the hotel pool. The pool is about a quarter of the size of the Agoura pool but we made it work and the guys did a great job. Hopefully the training in Budapest will be just as good. I will let you know.

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11th August 2009

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