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April 27th 2022
Published: April 27th 2022
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So after a day and a half at sea we are now in civilisation as the Captain said to me on the bridge (hey, look I know the lingo). We arrive in Rhodes at the tourist jetty and it is the old part of Rhodes which I remember is beautiful. We decide that we would leave the ship - it did not take that long for us to decide that and walk into the old town.

Once in town we see shops, yes shops with nice things in not like in Egypt - hang on here Paula I am saying to myself you did not go into any shops in Egypt, so I am being a tad naughty there.

I have been looking for a nice white handbag for my holidays and if you know me I have loads of handbags but not a little white one maybe. I have a big white one and a medium size white one but not a small one - so what does a girl have to do - but find one. So anyway I am digressing again, this is definitely getting worse with age. So I see a shop with nice handbags and it does not take me long to get inside even Usain Bolt could not beat me to the entrance. Mike is thinking oh nooooo this is going to cost me and turns around to which I am not stupid he has tried this one before so I nearly trip him up so he falls into the entrance of the shop. Anyway it does not take me long before I find a bag I like and then of course had to do some haggling, you cannot buy anything without trying to get a discount can you.

We then find this taverna with wifi so that was our next port of call. Sue mentioned earlier on in the day before we left the ship she wanted to have some nice fresh greek food and a nice glass of white wine. So before we sit down she says to the waiter I want a really nice white wine - he naturally smiles and runs off immediately to get a bottle of white wine - I say to Sue we should at least have got the wine menu so we know what we are choosing, plus know the cost of the bottle. Anyway Sue says we won’t pay any more than 20 euros I promise. The wine waiter comes back and says here is a nice bottle - Sue asks how much and his reply is 28 euros - Sue then says that’s okay, ha ha. If the united nations wants a negotiator I do not think I will be putting Sue forward for this role, nor will Eric or Mike!

We order lots of little tapas style (I know we are in Greece but I have no idea what the word is for tapas in greek) food i.e. tzatziki greek salad, halloumi etc which was a nice lunch and we also could get on the wifi and I could publish my blog and pick up emails. You do not know how much you rely nowadays on needing good wifi.

Tonight on the ship it is pirates night. Mike has some pirate 🏴‍☠️ stuff from a previous trip so not sure if he is going to join in but if you know me I will not be dressing up - I don’t mind anyone else dressing up but that is not me in the least. So watch this space for my next blog. I might have some photos of may I dare say it older people dressed up as pirates!!!!!!

Well so Mike puts his top on and then his prates trousers so this is where the fun bit begins the elastic breaks on his trousers so I laugh and then think how can we do this and I remember there is a sewing kit in the cabin a=with small safety pins. I try to tie knows in his trousers to keep them up and realise that this shows off the meat and two veg as the flag ship and decide this is not fair and when Mike saw himself in the mirror oh no I am a pillar of society and cannot go out like this so we pin each side and then he puts his belt on - we both decide he should be really careful as no way does he want to be in the dining room with his trousers round his ankles, ha ha

So a great night happened - long live Santorini


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