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June 29th 2015
Published: May 20th 2017
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The first leg of our flight is a mind numbing fourteen hours to Doha. Doha airport is very modern, very plush, and massive, but it seems that someone forgot to order quite enough seats for all the passengers, so we just walk around. Fortunately we only have two hours to kill. The airport has a large children's playground. The temptation to get on a swing and let off some excess energy after fourteen hours cramped in a tiny seat is almost overwhelming, but I'm sure if I did this I'd be breaking multiple laws. I've heard some not so good stories about what they do to law breakers here in the Middle East, so getting arrested before we've reached our first destination wouldn't seem to be a particularly great way to start the holiday.

We crawl onto the plane for the next leg to Athens. We look out the window and see our final destination of Santorini in the sea below us. This is cruel and unusual punishment given it's going to be another six hours before we get to see it from the ground, and if someone offered us a parachute right now I think we could be very tempted to use it. We arrive in Santorini. It has been 27 hours since we left home.

The views from the rim of the caldera are absolutely stunning. Our hotel is called Homeric Poems and it seems that most of the rooms are named after characters from Homer's poems. The one exception seems to be ours. It is called Evridiki, which the Google machine tells us is either a Cypriot pop singer who represented her country at three Eurovision Song Contests, or a large oil tanker. I hope they named it after the pop singer. Our very cute room is carved into the hillside, and is right next to the pool.

We have dinner at a restaurant near the hotel called Mama Thira's. Whilst the saganaki seems a bit different to the saganaki at home, what I'm sure is no different is the need for quadruple coronary by-pass surgery if you eat too much of it. We've seen a few donkeys carting tourists up and down the paths here, and it seems that these are quite a feature of local life. This even extends to the local craft beers which the menu says include brews called Red Donkey, Yellow Donkey, White Donkey, Slow Donkey and Crazy Donkey.

There are lots and lots and lots of steps to get up and down from our room. We decide that this is a good thing, because we certainly need something to compensate for all the food. The sunset is beyond spectacular; no wonder everyone raves about it.


2nd July 2015

2nd July 2015

Yellow Donkey. Doesn't sound good
2nd July 2015

Nice work dave keep it coming. Tell issy that the Greek restaurant in essendon has Australian lamb.
2nd July 2015

Ahhhhhhhhh! Ouzo & sunsets! What else do 2 lovers need! X
3rd July 2015

Enjoying the blog..loving the pics
25th July 2016

Good writing Dave...I had a few giggles!
21st May 2017

Hi Dave and Issy, welcome to TravelBlog! I've just stumbled upon your blogs and look forward to reading about the rest of your trip. I chuckled that you ordered the same food as you order in Melbourne, we often find ourselves doing the same... it's interesting to see how food evolves over time :)

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