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August 1st 2014
Published: August 1st 2014
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So it's off to Thassos. Got up at a reasonable time - 8 ish and went for a swim as I knew what was coming for Breakfast! Lovely swim as hopefully you can tell from the pictures. I was suitably exercised and hungry by the time we were all ready for breakfast. Again a stunning breakfast - fruit, hot stuff, Matthew managed an omelette which was very impressive. Massive home made coffees. Packed after breakfast and we were on the road by just after 11 with the car perfectly packed.

Drove towards Kavala - past Phillipi and then hung a left on our first Greek motorway towards the ferry port. It was estimated at about a 90 minute journey but took us about 70 and we weren't really travelling. From Bansko to Thassos would be perfectly possible for a long weekend. Probably why loads of Bulgarians head this way.

The ferry port was a bit manic as a ferry - every 30 minutes - was in port. Catherine bought tickets for all 5 of us and car 27 euros - great value and we embarked. They all had to get out as the car needed to be parked as far over to the right as possible and they couldn't get out when it was parked.

We went up on the ferry for the short 35 minute crossing - it's about 8 miles to Thassos. People were letting the seagulls take food direct from their hands. Arrived quickly on the other side and as our hotel was only 300 metres from the ferry we thought it would be weary to find. However, we drove around for about 30 minutes before we found it as the sign was covered with plants. Lovely place - recently renovated - apart from the sign. Pool shaped like a foot, rooms with air conditioning, glass everywhere - very modern. Hotel Macedon.

Signed in quickly and they gave us some sort of fig in syrup - must be trying to keep us regular and Olive oil. They also put another bed in use room - really great value for the 5 of us.

It is hot hot hot, so we went in for a swim and stayed in for quite a long time. Then showered, mooched around and headed into the old town to have a look around. Really hot just walking about the town. Saw frogs in a river heading to the sea - very strange to see them so close to the sea. Had a drink on the front - a Gin cocktail with 75ml of Gin - nice! As the sun was setting took what I think will turn out to be great photos. Found a place to eat - with signs don't feed the Cats! The cats looked reasonably well fed. Then walked home in the dark. It was really really hot in the apartment when we got back so we got the air conditioning on quickly and I fell asleep before I could write the blog!

The air conditioning was on a bit high so I felt cold at one point in then night but it only works when the doors to the balcony are closed so it's a great way of getting the boys up - cook them....

We went down for the breakfast buffet which is supposed to finish around 10 but was still serving people much closer to 11... We had decided after breakfast that we would circumnavigate the island today stopping to eat and swim as we went. Leaving Thassos we passed a small Carrefour type supermarket and noted its location for later.

Going clockwise round the Island you soon encounter some biggish hills and nice bays with sand and a little surf... It was a bit windy....

Stopped briefly at Golden beach and had a paddle - the water was warm enough to go straight in. We then moved onto I think Lividia beach and went in for a swim. Stayed in the water for about 40 minutes and then headed further round the island towards Limenaria and found a place to eat for lunch - we had gone full on Greek as we were eating at lunchtime and then having a snooze... Well we had lunch skipped the snooze and headed back to Thassos town. The other side of the island has a better road and we made good time - as the receptionist at the hotel said its a lot quieter that side as well.

We popped into the supermarket we had noticed earlier. It was so cold inside at one point we had to send Eleanor outside as she was shivering! Stocked up on some snacks for tonight and went back to the apartment. Cans of beer for about 30p - got to try the local beer haven't you? Of course the Germans had taken my parking space by the time we returned.....

Feeling hot we were soon back in the foot shaped swimming pool. Many different nationalities here - Bulgarians, Romanians, Germans, Danish, Turkish a few English and us Cornish... Even saw a car with an Albanian plate first of those I've ever seen.

Sat out on the balcony and snacked, slight thunderstorm brewing.. Massive thunderstorm arrived!! Might get some lightning shots if lucky. Tomorrow archaelogical stuff in Thassos

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