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7th August 2014

Definitely the way to take her around! Love reading the blog, too hot for me! but looks an amazing experience.
6th May 2014

We stayed there, too!
I somehow came across this post and immediately got excited when I started reading about Sammi the dog and Ramon...because we stayed in that house, as well! Thanks for bringing back memories of such a great place (and of Chepe's!).
7th July 2014

Costa Rica was great
Shame they didnt get further in the football!
10th January 2013
Large Rabbit Deer?

Patagonian Hare
These animals are not part of the rabbit family but are rodents. They are called Mara or Patagonian Hares. They live much like a rabbit does though so they look and act a bit like rabbits.
18th August 2012
Large Rabbit Deer?

Large Rabbit Deer
That ''rabbit deer'' is actually a rodent called a mara. It is related to the guinea pig, and has a large communal burrow system. Look on google images at ''mara animal'' to see it.
12th August 2012

Loved reading every blog!
From Blog: Canal Anyone
2nd August 2012

Love catching up with what you're up to! Love looking at the photos!
From Blog: Up Up and Away!
2nd August 2012

If you receive one of the presents we got them very exclusively and not cheap at all!!!! X
From Blog: Up Up and Away!
29th July 2012

Hi my name is Flo, and my husband and I live in Central Florida and are thinking of moving to Costa Rica....much to, and cost of living to name a few. I haven't done much research yet...but know that I want to live on the Pacific side....can you give any pros and cons? We are retired.... Thanks, Flo
29th July 2012

Hi Flo
We are having a great time on the Pacific Coast but we are holidaymakers - living here might be a bit different - but the lady we rented the house from originally came for a week then a month and then 6 months - and 15 years later are still here. If you want I can put you in touch with her and you can ask her questions about healthcare etc.? Regards, Steve
25th July 2012

Loving reading the blog. Have a great time.
21st January 2012

wildlife reserve
We were at the reserve just last year. The animal you are looking for is a Pantagonia Mara
2nd August 2010

All looks wonderful you lucky people!! But I wanted to say, we knew Chris would look good with his hair cut but gosh he looks extremely handsome!!! And of course Matt does too. loved reading the blog, keep it up xx
12th September 2006

We had a great holiday
We were sorry to miss you all as well. My children and Eleanor in particular would like to mee you. Steve
10th September 2006

Steve, Hope you had a good holiday! Sorry that I wasn't there to see you. Aoife (David's daughter)
31st August 2006

Ellis IIsland
Not yet - possibly Saturday but I think we'll try the Empire States Building
31st August 2006

Hello you lucky lot. We are enjoying your amazing travel blog, what a trip!! WE have been back from Portugal two weeks and have really been enjoying the rain! Have a fab last few days. Did you get to Ellis Island in NY? LOL The Adams Family xxxx
31st August 2006

We go back Saturday
and may try and get to the Ludlow Street Cafe
30th August 2006

talbot ave
its tooo quiet, we miss you, can't wait to see you at the weekend. love deryn and caoilin and paul and mary xxxx the blog is wonderful
From Blog: Resting

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