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September 28th 2008
Published: September 30th 2008
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Since friday I've been in holidays from school. That means monday morning I will not have to get and at 6:30 am but actually get to sleep in sounds good to me. I like the idea alot. The days are getting shorter and it is harder and harder in the morning to get up befor the sun is up. Although every school day feels like a holiday since I haven't been able to fallow much in class and often times classes are cancelled and I get to go home early or even finishing at 1:05 p.m is wonderful to me that itself it's the good life. You have the afternoon to relax after that. I must admit I find it somewhat boring since I never have anything to do in the afternoon no homework. I just sit around the house reading books. (in english still). or studying german trying to teach it to myself or well watching tv or being on the internet until evening comes then usually I am busy during that time with my courses. The weather has been absolutely lovely for the last few days. So hopefully it stays the same all week. Yesterday I went to my friends birthday party in the afternoon for a few hours. It's probably the only friend I have. But it was nice we where a bunch of us from school and got to eat chocolate fondue and cake. (I'm leaving for a stroll in the woods) Today is tuesday I meant to finish this when I got back but I didn't feel like it and got distracted to other things. Saturday night I went to a Bbq in Darbinghousen. Luisa Clara, Leah the daughter of the hosts went rollerblading in the parkinglot of the grocery store near bye for a little while thne went around the block and got back to the house. The adults where still outside talking and drinking. We went inside and watch t.v the house is a really old home of the region. probably from the 16-1700's and the ceilings are low, with woden beems. You would think it would be lovely but the house has been modernized alot and well the modern style of the german lifestyle makes it a big contrast with the old style and ruined it for me.

Sunday moring I went with Alica and Johanna horsebackriding again. It was really nice The horse is really lovely and we went around in the forest for a while then at thw bottom of a field there where cows in a pasture near by and corn in the field. we stopped for a pick nick. Alica wanted milk. So we decided it would be a good Idea to go fetch some fresh milk from the cows. Alica and Johanna went first trying to get one of the cows to approach her. Johanna was scared so wouldn't go to close. After a failed attempt they came back and I told Alica I would go back with her but first we should get a corn cobb thinking the cows would actually be more interested. This time we actually got closer but the cow just grabbed the cobb from my hand a let running. Turns out that the stupid cows are a little smarter than I taught. So we didn#t get are milk and had to stick with Ice tea. while I where eating I had a horse trying to eat everything before I put it in my mouth. Alica decide to give him the salad bowl left overs. she lean forward to give it to him but dropped it all on me before so the horse slurpped all over me trying to eat the fruit salad. It was funny. I'll try to get pictures Johanna took some.

In the afternoon I went for a walk in the woods with Olga his wife, my host dad and Philip we walked around a long time there was alot of people walking in the trails since the weather was absolutely lovely. Then I got to plant my first german tree on Olga's land. It was actually just throwing a bunch of seeds from the tree we have in our yard a little everywhere on the land. It made me laugh at the process they used to plant new trees supposively. It made me laugh. After we stopped in at a little restaurant on a terrase and had a cold drink. Then my host mother Came to pick us up.

Yesterday nothing interesting happened I went to town with my hoat sisters and her friend I went to try to get something for my stay here settled but it didn't work so I need to go back then we went for a cup of coffee. I decided I would try something other then have a same thing. So chose this hot chocolate I thought Russiche schocolade. To my surprise it had some kind of alcohol in there which was really strong and tasted nothing like hot chocolate so I just ate the cream on top and left it there.


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