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September 23rd 2008
Published: September 23rd 2008
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Today was my lucky day. Actually my week as been going from bad to worst and it's only tuesday. Yesterday was my host father's birthday. I didn't know what to get him and my chances for going out shopping are limited although I went saturday I did not find anything I could get him so I decided I would get him a little something at the Cafe Wild in town it's a fancy place where they make chocolate and cakes and other nice desserts. So I figured I would go monday morning when I have my free period at school. Turns out the place doesn't open on mondays lucky for me I ended up having nothing to give him but a card. I told him I would give him something the next day and so that's what I did. The party was nice alot of his friends where here mainly the same people like usual. His father I learned speaks french so yesterday when he was here I spoke french it him it felt nice to speak it even though I needed to speak really slowly with simple words. I was able to have a conversation with someone that was more then hi how are you doing.

I also met his old aunt who is really nice as well she speaks a little english and was telling me how wonderful Quebec City was and how she loved Chateau Frontnac when she visited it 21 years ago. Yes I pretty much stayed with the old people all night but with them I had more chances of understand a conversation in German than with the other ones. They speak so fast and their was alot of them so I wasn't able to fallow a conversation. With them plus I think I'm more use to them since I grew up around so many old people. I always find them pleasant company.

Today school was boring nothing great happened I had to do a presentation with my group in english class on the iraq war president Bush and the USA. The opinions of everybody are often very based on stereotypes and what the majority of people think. In french class the teacher made us listen to some bad bad french music. It was so long. 'The guy beside me and I were making jokes about who we where going to go buy the album and go her concert in Koln (what the teacher told us for those interested in music) Not quite. Then my art classes where canceled for the day so I came home early.

Lucky me. My host mother is like I have news for you the Hund (dog) pooped in your room. Lucky for me. It stinks really badly. And I have carpet in my room. So the dog came to pooh beside my white couch in the corner of my room. It wasn't solid pooh either. =( It never comes up stairs. Only for bad tricks. So apparently I'm suppose to close my door. But I did not know that.

At least I didn't pick it up. My host mother went and did it poor her it smelled so bad very very aweful. Tonight I realised the window upstairs in the unfinished part of the house (where my host dad is building a room for Luisa was opened. Today like everyother day here it rained actually all afternoon. the window is one of those roof top windows. So all the water was coming in when I noticed that I decided to go close the window. Bad move, all the water came pooring down on me. But turns out I wasn't tall enough to get it closed. So I went to get my host brother in the livingroom. Because he's the only one I could find. And had him come up to show him since we cannot understand eachother too well. So he went to find is father since he knew where he was. I've just been having the worst luck these days and its not fun. I also miss alot being able to speak with people I feel so ignored by my host siblings since I don't speak the language I'm sad.


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