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September 21st 2008
Published: September 21st 2008
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This weekend I went shopping a little bit in Soligen with a friend but not for long since it was only during the time her mother had some work to do at her job there and when she was finish we went back with her. So nothing special I bought a pair of pants and tried on loads of shoes never exactly sure what my european size is because from store to store the lady would tell me a different size and everytime I tried on something the size was weather to big or small or perfect but just not the same time everytime. Then in the late afternoon I went with Olga's wife and her younger daughter Erika, a friend of hers and my host brother to pick apples. It was at a family friend in an orchard. My host father and Olga where there on their motorbikes and sitting around chatting when we got there. It's in the countryside near where we live again. There was horses which I love more then ever now and I'm thinking of getting one when I come back. So us the kids went to pick apples in the trees while the parents chatted. Well it was the plan actually only me and Erika picking apples the two others found it funny to run after the sheep and scare them. After 20 minutes of a somewhat succesful apple gathering. We went down with the adults to the artificial pond and caught some fish to eat for supper.

It was getting cold and dark so we all went back home to get some warmer cloths leaving the younger ones home too. So I went back with my host dad and Olga and his wife. My host mom had a reunion with her co workers from work. Since it makes 25 years she's been working at the hospital as a nurse.

When we got there again we just sat around the fireplace and the bbq. My host dad and Olga where playing with a bebegun aiming at a tree but it was right beside the cars. Olga asked me if i wanted to try it and i said no so he went on telling me that he thought every Canadian was a hunter but I told him that if I'd try to aim the tree is car would probably be damaged so it was better that I didn't. We cooked the trouts on the bbq.

The supper was very good the fish tasted great since it was fresh. I loved it (for once but that's because i don't love sausage that much). supper ended up in the candle light since it got dark outside and by the time everything was cooked and we ate it was dark and since we where in the countryside not beside beside the house there was no light. After supper Every one gathered around the fire place and we moved the table to make room and sat there for the longest time. I found time long because I was not able to follow a conversation since there was more then one conversation going on everything was in german and There was an old man who spoke with the Bergishe dialect so he was really hard to understand. At the end of the night my head hurt very bad. I find it difficult to just sit there not talking or understanding while everyone else is speaking. The weather was really cold it was freezing and my back was frozen even though I had worn a big shirt a scarf and my coat it wasnt enough. The front part of my body facing the fire was okay but the back was frozen. At around 11 30 we left with the taxi. Yes the adults are responsible. I find the meters go up really fast here. When we got home my host father made us tea. To warm up so I ended up talking with him in english finally. I told him my head was turning, but he didn't get why. My host sister came to join us she was having supper I guess so we talked a little then went off to bed. Today I didn't do much in the afternoon I wnet for a walk in the forest. With Olga's wife my host dad my host siblings and the people where I was at last Sunday for a BBQ if any of you can fallow I know pictures would be better but I didn't take some I don't like to do that. The forest is nice its like the fairy tale stories I love it.


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