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September 19th 2008
Published: September 19th 2008
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Hey guys. I thought I would let you know what I've been doing this pass week. Monday seems a long way back. instead I'll Sunday afternoon where I left you off. After i finished writing this blog I went downstairs to get a cup of coffee. It's so good here in Germany I just love their coffee. My host father told me everyone was going to a BBQ in Dabringhausen. Which is the next town over somewhere in the countryside. So like usual Sunday is family time. All off the kids Olga's younger kids as well as my host dad's sister 2 children These are the same people We usually tend to go out with to places. Off in the woods we went like the 2nd day I got here it was the same walk through the woods just this time everyone was goig slowly. So it didn't seem so bad afterall. On the way their we came to a road and there was a small accident no one was hurt just a motobike that must have kissed the curve and ran into a car. everybody was okay and the bike probably only needed a new paint job. Sneaky people exist everywhere of course the kids all wanted to know what had happened and so did the adults So everyone went to speak with the poor guy who was trying to find the piece for the light on his bike that had fell off. An eventful stole through the woods I guess. after that we kept on going and going until we finally reached Peter's friends house where we were all invited for a BBQ this time for the first time it was a really BBQ there was meat other then sausage. Yes!!! I had ribs and chicken and bread with that as well. while waithing for the food to cook we ate nuts for the tree. Which is actually nice since after walking through the woods we all were a little hungry. They where also falling everywhere when the wind would blow since the tree was over are heads. That day was really cold at night. We all took the bus back to town. It made me laugh my host dad and Olga both sitting on the same side beside eachother in the two small benches. It was just very cozy lets say. I found it funny actually the entire gang of us made the hole crowd in the bus and the dog kept of barking.

Monday was quiet I guess school during the day. I dislike my french clas so much most of the french word we see in texts I have never used in my life and a lot I couldn't even tell you the meaning. I went to my german lessons and I still don't fallow anything of what is going on
Uhm tuesday I was suppose to have inline skating but it was canceled so there was not mucvh happening there

Friday today. This morning I woke up and went to school. I had to periods of english. Doing a research on the war in Iraq I'm presenting monday with my group. Then I had two free periods since my geography class was writing a term exam again so I went to town and got a few things to eat. Then i met some girls and joined them to a new shoe shop in town. Then I went back to school and chatted with Javier for the rest of the time pretty much. Then came the two hours german in the 8 grade. I like this class not because I understand but the girls beside me are super nice and always try to help me. And the teacher is nice too. It#s funny who in class when the teacher isn't there all hell breaks loose. The guys jump on the desks throw all on the ground or out the window like last time. But as soon as the teacher enters everyone is quiet and listens so well. It's unvelievable. I seriously do not know what threats the teachers make to the kids but its scary enough that they listen well.

This afternoon I didn't do much I studied German well I tried at least. I'm trying to figure out all the similarites it has with french because I'm sure there are alot more then with english at least for the grammer. Talking about that my vocabulary is diminishing day after day and I don't write well either it's really bad.

Tonight I went to Judo. It was actually really fun, But we were not alot just the trainer and 5 other guys. We played basketball for warm up but it shows that soccer is their sport. ( In Canada you can find a hockey net in every gym well here it's a soccer net of course not the big version but enough so. ) I had fun we were push and tripping one another to get the ball it was good. It's the kind of basketball I like to play. Then the trainer made us do really stupid warm ups like dragging are butts on the floor. After that the trainer showed me a few tricks on the ground. wow it's been a long time so I don't remeber enough. But he is super nice to me. He tries so hard for me to speak english and have me understand. What I like about sports is how with the gestures I can understand whats going on. But the guys are fun they make stupid jokes and fool around. So far I like it. Everyone of them have been really nice with me.


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