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September 14th 2008
Published: September 14th 2008
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Me and FlugarMe and FlugarMe and Flugar

Ok its a bad picture
hey guys. No I have not forgotten about you. It's just that everything is becoming a ritual and nothing is actually new anymore to me. I'm starting to get use to being in this country. But having said that everything here still amazes me. So yesterday I took a walk around town. And when I thought I had seen all of it I ended up finding myself completely not knowing where I was. I hadn't been there before and everything was different. Which is nice because I actaully am not sick of the environment I'm in yet. Yesterday afternoon Clara and I made arts and krafts. I had to poke a needle into some material with a sponge under to sow everything together. It's called filtering I think and never did I do it before but it actually was quite amusing other then being a slight bit long. I made a heart. It was actually relieving to poke into a heart with a needle. I know it sounds confusing but it's actually great fun.

Today well this morning since it's actually only 1:30 in the afternoon I went with Alica and Johanna horseback riding for the first time in my life. Well maybe second time if I count the time I was on my dads old horse once as a kid. But it was great fun I loved it. The horse is Alica's and is really calme and listens very well. First we had to go get him in the pasture. The view there was beautiful. The countryside here actually looks like back home. but maybe with a bit more hills. So on with the story Johanna tried to get the horse to come with her but it didn't wabt to go anywhere so I decided I was going to go and help her. I went in the field ruining my shoes probably now they are all wet and muddy and that was the only pair of running shoes I had so I will most likely have to get myself a new pair soon. The horse still didn't come with us but I actualy got him to move that time just not in the right direction. Then Alicia finally got him to come with ease making us both look a little stupid. But I mean it's her horse so he's use to her.

We then went to put the
The church in my townThe church in my townThe church in my town

Well one of them but its the oldest one an the nicest one it's from the 1500's I think if not older
saddle on him and I got on. The horse isn't too high but taller then a pony so it was just the perfect size to make it easy to get on. We then headed off in the forest. Johanna and I took turns on and off the horse. The path in the woods where very muddy and wet since most of the time it rains here. But today is actually nice just a little cold. After a little while we took a break and stole some corn from a farmers field and fed it to the horse. After a bit we headed back to the stable by the rode this time. And I can actually say that the country rodes here are no wide then are bike paths. And two cars definately do not fit. When we got to the barn we took off the saddle and I rode the horse until we got to the pasture again without the saddle it was actually funner.

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the school againthe school again
the school again

none of my classes are in these parts here is for the kids and bio and stuff like that

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