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August 26th 2008
Published: August 26th 2008
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Today was another normal school day in Germany. It was my first complete school day entirely alone without anyone really telling me where to go. I like my new classes now the people really seem different. I think I will actually be able to find friends easier. Today I had philosophy first class I couldn't really fallow what was going on. But I had some girl beside me telling by passing notes. She seems really nice. I like the teacher he sounds interesting maybe if I'd understand it would be different but I don't. After was sociology with the grade 11s but there#s this one girl in class which I talk to alot she's the one who brought me to Geography class last friday with her.
I don't remember her name their are so many people to rememeber and I feel bad not knowing their names. So that class was fun I actually was able to participate with her help of course and she's pretty good in english too and is trying to help me with my german so It#s good. After recess I had advance english class with Havier. We both sort of got lost well not really more like we were waithing for the teacher but at the wrong class with other people and then some girl from are class came and told us it was the one right beside. Man I felt stupid that was embaressing. English class is hard we have to write and Analysis essay on a text with Rhetorical devices. I ain't got any idea how to do that and I'm not too sure what Rhetorical devices are anyways but I'll try. And Hey I got through Highschool without ever having to do that so it's okay. I also had a french class with a new teacher.

I must admit french is difficult too because often the texts we look at are from france and some of the expressions are not the same as back home. Some of the things on the papers I got today I had again no Idea what they where. In French class every is working in teams on a project with poems. I got in a group with a boy from my english class too really nice girls from my German class I had yesterday and one who is going to be in my other German class I'm taking. Finally the two last blocks I spent down somewhere in the old part of the school's basement with my new art class trying to do a sculpture figure of my face in clay. Mine looks more like a cave man then anything abd Javier was making fun of me it's the only other clas I have with him and I think it#s better that way since I can meet new people. His sculpture actually looked like a real person it was very nice. I thought of casey and art class last year. I ain't good at all. but it's fun the girl sitting infront of me told me right before the bell that she too had spent a year abroad 2 years ago. So I need to catch up with her on that. She seems Really nice too and I can remeber her name.

This afternoon I didn't do much it's true that I got home later than usal so I ate and spent the rest of the afternoon on the computer and trying to read a German book with the help of my bestfriend here so far who's been there with me all the way thank god which is my english Deutsch dictionary.

Tonight I went to Inline skating with the family well only us the girls went Philip didn't go nor my host dad so it was just us. I still think I'm useless on rollerblades and just really really aweful but again tonight I had the same guy as last time help me. I feel so bad for him It must be so long for him. After doing a couple turns at the bottom of the hill practiceing my breaking it was time for me to try going down the hill too. Just like everyone else does it so well. My two host sisters and the same guys as before. I started halfway going around the posts down hill. I pretty much spent that first time on the breaks and with the trainer close to me. Then I'd go up once everytime not that I had much of a choice because he'd tell me to and so what why not. The guys realy nice he's like if you don't want to you don't have too. So I went down from a little higher this time less and less on the breaks then boom I fell forward. Yes I did find myself on the ground but I don't know what happen it's well that I was about to run in one of the post instead of going around it actually. So yeah I wasn#t hurt got back up and tried again. After a couple of turns starting a step higher everytime I told the guy might as well start from the top and get it over with so that's what I did of course he was near me but that didn't go as plan. I guess I was going too fast since its down the hill and I tried to break went around the first pole missed the second tried to slow down turned the other way. I tripped and almost fell there but then He came to my rescue and caught me but then Boom. I guess I made him loose his blance and we both fell. I felt bad got him since I fell over him. But Opps I guess it happens. SO I tryed again and finally got it right. I was most of the time of the breaks but hey I went down the hill. I did it over two three times. And It takes me about 30 seconds (my best time) what he does in 15 seconds.

After that we went up to play hockey. 😊 something I like and I'm actually not to bad. Must be the Canadienne in me. ( Take it as you want ) I need to keep our good reputation alive. The only sport we are truely god in. It was fun are team one again but I#m not convience It was fair play four against 3 and I had three boys with me and the other team consisted of my host sisters and my trainer. There was a firetruck in the place where we play with young teenagers training saw no hot guys their well they might have been but their uniform was way too ugly. I had a good time though I was fun tomorrow I get to sleep in a little yes I start classat 9:40 lol.


26th August 2008

Salut MIMI, tu as eu une bonne journée à faire tes sports, tu vas être en forme et tu vas connaitre plusieurs entraineurs, tu es bien occupée,cela est tres bien et c est drole ton blog, Bye Maman

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