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August 13th 2008
Published: August 13th 2008
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So that#s about it nothing much as happened today school is boring and really long when you do not understand. I had english but that was way too easy so it wasn#t any better but at least i got to talk english and hear english. The teacher is not that good in english herself but it's alright. Today the weather is really windy and cloudy at times. I think here every day there is both sun and rain. So you can not go out for a long time. But I tried I took a little walk around town well a part of town since its pretty big and took pictures so you can see a bit where I am. It's hard here everyone does their own things and I really feel left out so already I'm counting the weeks for my return. 😊

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The house againThe house again
The house again

back yard view from my window. These are solar panels
The house againThe house again
The house again

back yard view from my window
my new roommy new room
my new room

my awesome room where I'll be sleeping in for a while
My roomMy room
My room

this is the couch my bed is in another corner

Thats the street beside my house

The place in town that leads to my house

part of toen
walking aroundwalking around
walking around

a slate house
another slate houseanother slate house
another slate house

This is the typical style of the older homes in town

cute little house

The view from my street corner

A house I find really nice on the same street as I am on

13th August 2008

OMG! your room is WAY to awesome!
14th August 2008

Salut Émi Tu sais ton expérience ne sera aussi riche et intéressante que tu saura la rendre.Si tu t'ennuies ce qui est normal .. si tu trouves le temps long et n'a rien à faire...ce qui ne semble pas être trop le cas si on lit ton blog..profites-en pour parfaire ton allemand.Tu pourras ainsi interagir encore plus avec les personnes autour, qui semblent être assez nombreuses. Courage et savoure le cadeau que la vie t'offre en ce moment Ciao

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