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August 12th 2008
Published: August 12th 2008
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Today Kathi left early this morning to go take the plane. She's flying 11 hrs sounds long I had enough with my 7 hours so I can not imagine. This morning I met Michelle and Walked to school with her. I fallow her around because I do not know my way around the school. So first class was Music yes I'll be the next Beethoven soon 😊 Musical talents run in the family doesn't it. Right! So the teacher seemed pretty cool he made us say are name with and adjective which started with the first letter of our name. I didn't same much cause I was confused with what was going on. History came next twice in a row after a class of almost faling asleep I switched to German with Nina one of Kathi's friends. The teachers said it was okay not like they care much. It was a little better havier was in that class too so I ended up sitting beside him well I was in the middle of the row the desks are placed differently than back home and the classes are all white. But the chalk boards are cool the teachers can lift them up or put them down when they write i find that neat. After class I fallowed Nina get had a free course so we went out to a restaurent with two other girls. I skipped English but i didn#t know what had happened to Michelle so when we came back I had her called at the office and went with her to religon class. Protestant not that I care or can understand. I forgot to mention that somewhere in there I was suppose to have bio but it was cancel so I had another hour of doing nothing. It wasn#t a big day. In the afternoon I did nothing. I could be in a beter mood and I'm finding it hard to get use to everything and being only me. And not having any friends.


13th August 2008

Hey you! Its so cool that you've never seen a blackboard like that. I always thought it was just Richmond that didnt have it! Ah well. You're interacting and thats important! Thinks take a while! ;) Germans are more stern than the rest of the europeans any how:P but the Havier guy isnt nice??

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