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August 11th 2008
Published: August 11th 2008
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Yesterday afternoon consisted of a 1:00 hour walk in the forest. I didn't know what I was in for these are not the little strolls through the forest like around Burbankpond or such but more of a hike in the Forest. The land is made of hills which go up and down up and down up up up and really steep in some places at least one place was really hard. These people are in shape I'm starting to understand why North Americans are bigger then Europeans. These people walk alot and my Hike in the forest and country side was really tiring. I was swetting alot. Plus the ground was still muddy from all the rain we had the previous day. We, (myself, Kathi, Peter and Philip ended up walking to next town. Like the countryside of the town where I live in. Kathi and I continued a while and went to one of her friend's BBQ. While Peter and Philip stop in at a friend of Peter's. The BBQ was fun I guess. Everyone was speaking german and I never understood a word well I feel like that. It#s really difficult to be inclued in the conversation when you cannot speak the Language and the others will not try to make the extra effort to help you so it was long but ok. Later my host mom came to pick us up and we went back to the street party that was taking place. it's just that yesterday only the beer stand remained with the tents of course. So there i met Haviair (??) The exchange student from Venezuela who is going to spend the year here like me. I was relieved to learn that he too did not know German, since I was tolc he did. He seems very nice and actually reminds me of Alexandre my cousin. Alot Alot I'll get a picture some time to show you all. After A bunch of us the young ones went to chill at Jonas house near by. Jojo, Kathi, Luisa, me and a bunch of guys it was funner then in the day since I actually felt inclued in the conversations It was fun. One of the guys had been to montreal in the summer and one had went for a couple of weeks in winnipeg a few years ago. All went well then we had to go home. I went to bed but didn't really sleep. I#m not use to going to bed at this hour. it was ten actually but back home is like five so i did not fall asleep for a long while and I thought bout my mommy how I wish I could have spoken with her but that wasn't possible. This morning I woke up at 6:15 took a shower dryed my hair and got really for school then at around 715 I walked to the corner of the street and met up with a girl named Michelle she will be helping me for the first couple of weeks. I don#t have my schedual so I follow Michelle#s for this week and we will see after. The first day of schol consisted of one class math and I actually could understand what the teacher explained. But I got an unfair adventage of having done it last year so it was ok school ended around 1:10. But the reason I only had one class is that we all met up in the auditorium the grade 11s 177 of them 100 more then at school last year. when this was over Michelle had to fre blocks on her schuduale and other one was canceled so we went to Rebbec#s a girl who lives near by and relaxed there a while. This afternoon I went with Luisa and Clara to get some materials for school At Tooms Evering is very expencive and different there are no Buro en Gros here.


11th August 2008

Guten Tag Emilie
allo emy cé le fun avoir de tes nouvelles et que va bien cé bien aussi voir des photos. J'espère que ta premiere journée d'école a bien été. bye bye alp. Juju te dit bonjour aussixxxxxxxx
11th August 2008

Sounds like your doing very well!!! I am waiting for the pictures!

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