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August 10th 2008
Published: August 10th 2008
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Before the Party Before the Party Before the Party

our yard ready for the party
Hey everybody. The last few days I have been busy. Friday was my Host sister's big good bye party. We put 3 big white tents up in the yard because the weather was rainy. My host father had also rented a beer stand for the night like those we see in carnavals and everything was free for the guests. I did not expect such a grande party many people came alot of my host sister#s friends where there as well as friends and and family. I met many Germans who spoke a good english so I stayed mainly with them for the night. It#s pretty much the older people who spoke with me. The teenagers stayed together. I believe they are scared to speak english with me because everyone tells me the younger generation speaks english really well so I don't understand.

Yesterday I visited the school Where I will be going to with Luisa. We walked there It's pretty big. For those who knows what the school in Lennoxville Alexander Gult it looks kind of like it. There are many windows unlike RRHS. I'm really nervous about starting school I will most likely get lost. I'm not use to
Street PartyStreet PartyStreet Party

the same stand at the street party
such a big school there is about 1500 students there much bigger then what I'm use too so we will see what that is like. After We came back bye the town the older houses are all made out of slate. it's very neat yet different then back home, Where only a few roof tops are made of that. when we got back I watched dirty dancing in German with the German subtitles so I can try to learn German.

Also yesterday I went to a street party near Holga's house my host father's friend (not sure the name is right.) It was Fun there where these inflatable games for kids. They are always loads of fun. My host sister's and I went to jump in them with th kids it was very amusing I had not been in them for so long. After Katharina brought me to a disco with her friends It's was really fun there where many people there dancing it was really squishy. The music was good that's the one thing I could understand at least. The place was crazy but fun. It was in Remsheid so we took the bus. Their buses are really
Everyone sittingEveryone sittingEveryone sitting

My host with there friends
nice unlike those in Quebec that look really bad here the common transportation is really good so it#s easy to go around. When we got back at around 12:00 we went back to the street party where my host parents had stayed. We remained there a while and got back to playing in the games. With some friends of Katharina's. After that we got home and I went to bed it was late enough I'm very tired of every thing lately I do not think I've recuperated from the jetlag yet I did not have time. All is good and they are Super nice with me and have been good with speaking to me in english.

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Holga Cooking
Inflatable gamesInflatable games
Inflatable games

Clara my host sister in the pink shirt standing

10th August 2008

Coucou je suis bien contente que tu aies eu du plaisir et continue de ns donner des news c cool. xx
10th August 2008

Ems! It seems like you are having a GREAT time!! I told you we party differently than in Canada!! :P LOL I went from aschool with 2000 students to RRHS:P So I had the whole reversed thing!!! whahahahahah IF you need help with translating: my parents are better in German than I am.... Give me a call if you would like!!! oxooxox Good luck in School tomorrow!
11th August 2008

school was good I only had one class and it was math not that I like it but I was understanding since it's pretty much the same wel I think
11th August 2008

Ça fait plaisir de voir que tu as été bien accueillie par la famille d'accueil et que tu as déjà rencontré beaucoup d'amis de Katharina. Lorsque tu vas commencer l'école, tu vas connaître quelques personnes qui pourront t'aider à t'orienter dans ta grande école; tout ira très bien. Si tu as la chance, inclus une photo de l'autobus dont tu parlais pour voir la différence d'avec les nôtres. Je te souhaite encore des belles journées amusantes avant le début des classes et à la prochaine.

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