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August 14th 2008
Published: August 14th 2008
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So today was again anothe normal day at school. I find it difficult because the kids in class kind of push me around since I#m the outsider and they all want to be with there friends now I know better what it feels like to be rejected, And it#s difficult for a person to go through that. No one should e treated in such a case generally but one against a group of people makes it hard to win the battle. So on with what I was saying French class was a class I was looking foward to I mean I thought the teacher would speak french but no. When I thought the english teacher could use some help I had not met my french teacher because the entire class took place in German. What kind of French are these kids learning. Well I#m not so sure anymore even when I told the teacher where I was from she wasn't sure what I was telling her.

Any how on with the day I had two classes of religion yes 😞. So during the time the teacher spoke in a language i yet do not understand, I had the smart idea of copying words out of the dictionary it will be more useful for me then just sitting and doing nothing so I did that for most of my classes the rest of the day. This afternoon was Gym class it's not in school but at a sports hall. Michelle came to get me at 2:30 and her mom brought us there. The class was fun it was smaller group then at school alot of students didn#t show up but I got to interact with my classmates a little more which made me feel better. We played games like tag and once we were taged 4 people had to bring us to a blue mat which where set up at different places in the gym once we where put on them we where free to go again. It was actually preety cool. The teacher also made us right are name of on piece of tape and made us stick the letters of are name out of order on are shirts stupid. lol. There was this other games we played where everyone had to work as a group to achieve are goal. We could only had 8 pieces on carpet we could step on and the entire group had to fallow a chain it was fun and really asked for team work. after Gym michelle's mom came to pick us up and we stopped in town to get some school books. Then I got home and took a Shower went down stairs and Clara showed me some words of German for some of the household items. I watched the Simpsons in German I#m glad they made it here with me I feel less lonely watching that. But of course it's in German and hommer bart and marge sound really screwed up but it's alright I'm actually able to fallow what's going on since I've seen them so many times in english. 😊

Demain apres midi je va a Munster avec Hevier et sa famille d'acuille et puis samdi je va finalement rencontrer Mr.Lampe mon Conseiller du Club ici et Michelle ma dit que nous allon peu etre aller magaziner a Cologne sa J#ai le gout. lol La moi il faudrais vraiment que J'occupe mes soirer sa serait moins long. Oh hier j#ai ete avec Clara a son club de sport J'etais avec des beaucoup plus jeune mais sa me derange pas jai eu du fun nous avons fait 6 tour de track. Like track and Field activities the running and jumping over bar thingys is way harder than it looks. I think told you about that yesterday anyways I liked it. Sports make me happy I think I#ll join the club but with my age group.


14th August 2008

Jumping over a bar. WOW!! I would be so freaked out! Well rugby freaked me out to, but now I LOVE it!

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