Christmas Market Day 4.... & coming home

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December 6th 2019
Published: December 9th 2019
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Christmas Market Day 4.... & coming home

It’s St Nickolas Day......

It was the night before St Nickolas day and all through the Zimmer, not a creature was stirring, not even Kisty. You get my point....

I wake up to a squeal from Lori’s room, I’m thinking, someone has come in and got her, so I immediately lock my door. Sorry Lori, Yes, I finally came out and everyone is safe.

St Nickolas came last night; gifts were hanging from our doors and our breakfast area was totally set with an AWESOME German breakfast.

We all sit down to breakfast asking each other did you do it? No, I didn’t, did you? It was a wonderful breakfast.

YEAH! I Believe, I Believe......

However, today is also a sad day, all things must come to an end. Today Lori and Sam are heading south for another week of Christmas Markets.

Kirsten, Omi and I are heading north toward home.

Now this isn’t all that sad because for the last 3 days we have had so much fun. These memories rank up there with Lori and Drew’s Christmases when they were kids. They’re etched into my memory forever.

After breakfast, we all pitch in and clean up the kitchen, bedrooms and baths. We all pack and after an hour, we are loading our cars. We hug and promise to do it again. We drive away and wave goodbye.

On the road again, Frankfurt is keyed into the Navi and the Christmas music is playing.

So today we’ll be visiting two Christmas Markets. The first one is Frankfurt, our second and last is Dusseldorf. This is where flew into and yes, we are flying out tomorrow morning.

We arrive in centrum of Frankfurt, Kirsten slides into the parking space like the car has been greased all over.

Her and Omi are out the door and before I can even get my seat belt off. I run and catch up because they’ll leave me like a bad habit.

We come up from the garage, turn one corner and there it is. I’ll tell you it’s truly amazing to see these Markets when you come around the corner, it takes your breath away.

I find the Gluewine booth and order me a Feuerzangenbowle, it’s Gluewine but with a kick. We walk through the Christmas Market enjoying all the people. We turn the corner and there he is, St Nickolas. He’s handing out candy to all the little kids. It is the neatest thing watching all the kids gathered around him receiving attention and candy.

We have a good lunch in a restaurant and after lunch we make our way back to the car. On the road toward Dusseldorf.

Well we knew it was going to happen, either snow or rain. It’s raining, we drive through the rain and arrive at the Marriott in Dusseldorf. We check in and drop our luggage in the room and out the door we go. We’re not going to let any stinking rain stop us from seeing our last Christmas Market. We get on the tram and ride it downtown. Yes, it’s raining but not bad we stroll through the Christmas Markets. You read that correctly plural they have 6 Christmas Markets; we only saw three.

By the third market it was pouring down rain. We duct into a restaurant and have some beer and a nice hot bowl of goulash soup. It was good, not the best I’ve had but it warmed us up nicely.

It was still raining hard when we left the restaurant, so we took a taxi back to our hotel. Once back in our room we pulled out the clothes we’re wearing home tomorrow. We climb into bed and go to sleep.

Good night......

The morning home.

It’s 8:30 am and we’ve turned in the car. Kirsten, Omi and I have checked in the flight looks good and we’ll be getting on.

Kirsten knows where there is a grocery store is in the Dusseldorf airport. Yes, Germany has grocery stores in their airports. I am not kidding. Her and Omi drop me along with the luggage and they are gone. I know they’ll be back.

We check through security and get on the plane. It has been a great time visiting the Christmas Markets with Lori, Sam, Omi and Kirsten.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Kirsten & Steve

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