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July 30th 2017
Published: July 30th 2017
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So, Frankfurt is literally a shit show on Sunday mornings around the train station... Literally human shit in the underpass and on the subway platform. 3 shits in the less than 10min walk to the subway platform. Wow, guys. I'm really in a rush to return here lol. Fun fact: Frankfurt is actually the first city in continental Europe that I stepped foot it, and boy am I glad that the first time I was here I didn't come anywhere near the train station lol. Would have put a bit of a damper on my introduction to travelling all those years ago... ahem.

Anyway. Thankfully the Old Town was a poop-free zone. I headed off to see the cathedral and the area around there. I mentioned I'm at the point of my trip where I'm losing steam, I'm also at the point where I don't realize what day of the week it is lol. In hindsight wanting to visit churches on a Sunday isn't ideal for picture taking lol. But I did my pop my head in and it was pretty.

I also went to Eiserner Steg - the bridge where everyone puts a lock to represent their love. I had a lot of fun just wandering the length of the bridge on each side - it's fun to see the different locks - the names, the colours, weird placements, quotes, etc. Of all the "love" bridges I've been too, this is actually probably the nicest and the one with the most locks and variety of locks. The random quotes are my fav thing though - the usual "love and peace" type things, "you're beautiful to me" etc. But the BEST I found today was: "a baguette in the butt would be a pain the ass". So beautiful, so profound lol.

So, since it's Sunday NOTHING is open. No stores. No nothing. For the life of me I couldn't even find a grocery store and restaurants seemed to only open up around noon. It's a weird vibe. I basically just wandered around the Old Town area until it started to rain. I do have to say I like the mixture of old architecture/buildings with the new. But, all in all, glad to be moving on to Cologne tomorrow lol.

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