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October 28th 2016
Published: September 7th 2017
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I usually do city trips alone or with a friend so feeling a bit uncertain at the thought of travelling to Munich with a small group of friends. Having to remind myself that I can't do things at my usual fast pace and just go with the flow of whatever the group decides.

Things start off badly when we almost don't make the plane for Munich. Thanks to motorway closure, motorway road works and then getting lost trying to find the park and ride facility. We find ourselves having only 20 minutes before our gate closes as we arrive at London Gatwick airport terminal. We are lucky there is no check-in required and no queues through security. I sprint with a friend, running through the duty free and down to the gate like a silly boy who's not allowed enough time to catch his plane... run, run, run... my friend says "don't stop, must keep running" Thank goodness, we make the gate with only a minute or two spare... I never want to go through that again!

From arriving at Munich airport we catch the metro that takes us into the city centre. The commute time under an hour. The first thing I notice from coming off the metro in Marienplatz is the impressive New Town Hall. We have a bit of a walk to our hotel so we head down Kaulfingerstabe wheeling our suitcases behind us, admiring the many shops that Munich has to offer. After we check-in to our hotel, we head back towards Marienplatz, in the hope of some good German food. We find this nice restaurant called Donisl and despite it being October the weather is relatively mild so we sit outside. Of course, I am tempted to try the German beer. Some locals sat nearby recommend the Weisse beer... and WOW the glass sizes they give you are very generous.

After food, we stroll along, until we find the Viktualienmarkt; a 200-year-old market with over 100 stalls selling goods from fruit to meat to flowers and, right in the centre, is a bar selling German beer... perfect timing for another drink.

For evening dinner, I suggest to everyone we try the restaurant Augustiner, on recommendation of a work colleague. I try roast pork leg, another recommendation but from a different work colleague, who is actually German. I am told that the roast pork leg is very traditional. It tastes good, but very salty.

Next day

The weather forecast is looking gloom. We decide to use the City Sight Seeing bus to get around Munich. We first visit the Olympiapark which was the site most used for the 1972 Munich Olympics. Almost 45 years later and the park is still actively used, from dive in swimming pool to sell out music concerts, with hosts like Madonna. The park is conveniently close to BMW Welt and museum so decide to pay a visit.

The visit of BMW Welt is free of charge. I find myself admiring all the latest model line up of BMW cars and motorcycles. The showroom has Mini and Rolls-Royce too. There is also the BMW museum which costs EUR 10.00 to enter. The museum shows BMW's technical development throughout it's history. It contains engines and turbines, aircraft, motorcycles and vehicles in a plethora of possible variations.

After a spot of late lunch, we find ourselves waiting around for ages for the bus. Once on the bus, we then seem to miss the stop for the English Gardens. It's getting dark so decide tomorrow is another day for exploring.

For dinner, we dine at the Hackerhaus, this place is so cosy and has a lovely atmosphere. The tabletop candle chandeliers adding that little extra style to the place. This has to be my favourite restaurant so far and the food is very tasty too.

Final day

With an evening flight home means some extra time to wonder around Munich. We find ourselves strolling around before ending up at the museums of Glyptothek, and Staatliche Antikensammlungen. These museums offer Bavarian King Ludwig I's housed collection of Greek and Roman sculptures and Bavaria's collections of antiquities from Greece, Etruria and Rome.

As we continue to stroll, we find huge piles of autumn leaves, just perfect for jumping on. We then visit an art gallery call Alte Pinakothek. It is known to be one of the oldest galleries in the world and houses paintings from fourteenth to the eighteenth century.

After the gallery visit, we find ourselves at the bottom of the English Gardens. The walk through the park so pleasant as I find myself admiring the beautiful autumnal colours. We notice the river flowing quickly as we walk along side it. Then we see crowds of people watching these man surfing along the river since the fast flowing currant makes good waves.

We then just carry on strolling around Munich... after all it is a Sunday... better not get too complacent though, as don't want to miss that plane home.

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8th September 2017

Welcome to my home town
Hi! I hope you enjoyed to visit to my current home town. I think, you had a good itinerary. Best regards, Thomas
8th September 2017

Run, run, run
Even though I suspected you made the flight I was cheering you on. Did you go home and continue to shop for Beemers? Glad you had a new travel experience. Sounds like it went well.
8th September 2017

Thanks! I was really worried I'd miss the flight. I didn't shop for Beemers once home, as quite like my Volkswagen :)
9th September 2017

Good German beer and food!
Good idea to do a weekend city break, though I also understand the differences between travelling solo and in a group... Glad to hear you made the flight, though that must have been stressful - 2 minutes to spare!! Good German beer and food to greet you on the other side though :) Sounds like a lovely weekend :)
23rd September 2017

It was so stressful, especially when I am so used to arriving at the airport early. Just glad I got to have that lovely weekend after all :)

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