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June 15th 2014
Published: June 15th 2014
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We are obviously not big city people. If we had to live in a city both of us agree it would have been Portland, Oregon. But now that we have seen Munich, Portland has to step aside.

Munich is a wonderful city. It is clean, has lots of parks, a wonderful river, lots of arts and museums, a sense of pride, great food, and of course the beer. But that is not to say there are no rules.

The other day Jerry tried to order potato salad with his schnitzel. Oh no, that was not allowed, those two do not go together. Then today he thought it would be nice to mow the lawn for the owners. He got about three swipes mowed when a neighbor came over shaking her finger at him. No lawn mowing on Sunday! Now that's a first for us.

And then there are the bike rules--where to ride, where to stop at traffic lights, who has the right of way. After a couple of close calls with head on collisions I thought I had the rules down. But then somehow I got trapped on the same lane as the tram. I got up on a narrow part of the sidewalk so it could get past me but the tram driver honked , slowed way down, and shook her head at me. So I moved over more and she went on by. Not good.

So today we took a long bike ride north of town and then went back into the town square for more celebraton of Munich's birthday. The end of our time in Munich. Tomorrow a travel day to Amsterdam.


14th August 2014

Munich is the best
Have to agree with you completely about Munich being a wonderful city. The people are so friendly and it's got so much history. A real walking city too. Plus the greatest beer halls and gardens in the world !!

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