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October 27th 2007
Published: October 28th 2007
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Hey guys!

Well apologies again for an incredible bout of blog lag; we have been hot on the trail of a good sausage and a drink.

We recently made our way to the festival of beer, wurst and carnival rides that is Oktoberfest. For a few days (Thats all we could take) we drank the beer, did the dance and enjoyed it with the rest of them, with help from our friend dave, over on a short stint from Japan.

Our first day involved a bit of shellshock; the sight of a few thousand drunk people (including some disgraceful aussies we saw) was too much; Overcrowded, vomit riddled and with not an open beer tent in sight it was not a good start. But we got into it, partying at the campsite with some shower loving Swedes (ask stace) and some dutchies wearing clogs. A dodgy hotdog unfortunately ended a great night in a torrent of shame (Ask Ben...).

Second day: Drinking and eating; this time in Munich and at Oktoberfest in a gigantic beer tent. We had a great big meaty lunch at a restuarant in Munich, before setting our sights on a colourful tent of
Helloooo Oktobefest!Helloooo Oktobefest!Helloooo Oktobefest!

Dave and Stace at the start
beer run by the Paulaner brewing company. At this point Dave and I bought some faux lederhosen shirts; these were very humourous to us at this point. After this, we met some germans from frankfurt who all worked for luftansa, a german airway company. They introduced us to salted radishes, which could only be described as salty. The night progressed on, more talking to random people and trying to sing along to the brass band (Elvis and a fat lady also regailed us with some fine tunes). At some point I swapped (god knows why) my lovely lederhosen for one of the germans shirts. Another great night, albeit for the missing of some costume.

The next day we chilled out in Munich, checking out the large permanent beer halls and gardens. We had some great food, mainly meat and more meat. We did some sight seeing around the city, checking out some old buildings and so on.

We then decided to leave the festival for a few days, driving down to the Bavarian Alps in the search for some paragliding. Unfortunately the weather was a little unkind and we couldnt do it, but we plan to give it
Beer LadyBeer LadyBeer Lady

Coming through!
a whirl at some point.

We drove into the mountains in the South of Germany, appreciating some spectacular scenery through the clouds. The roads were getting icy at some points and there was snow everywhere, but the van held on. We eventually mqde our way through Innsbruck, and over towards Salzburg. It was again a great city, with old colourful buildings and a big castle. We had many memories from our last trip here, and it was good to walk the streets again. As Dave puts it, all cultures can be summed up in a dish, costume and perhaps a dance. Well in keeping with this pursuit we had some Apple Strudel, which was very tasty.

We then drove back to Munich, camping it up again and heading out to the festival for one last go. After a bit of trouble getting into a beer tent we made it in, and ended up drinking the night away with an old german guy, who at first seemed senile but helped us get some beer from a grouchy waittress. He turned out to be a great guy, and helped us finish off our time at the festival in good spirit.

We dropped off Dave at the airport the next day for the epic 24 hour flight back to Japan, and left Munich to get some sleep, recover and continue the trip. It was a great week, that will be hard to forget (Although some memories we will actively repress).

Hope you are all well and lively, see you soon.


Ben and Stace

Additional photos below
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The shirt changing offendeesThe shirt changing offendees
The shirt changing offendees

and a policeman making sure we were fully clothed
Brass BandBrass Band
Brass Band

One of a million toasts they did
Stacey and waitressStacey and waitress
Stacey and waitress

Stace all dressed up!
Salty RadishesSalty Radishes
Salty Radishes

Not too bad despite the expressions...
German friend with staces glassesGerman friend with staces glasses
German friend with staces glasses

Elton john eat your heart out!

1st November 2007

Torrent of shame. . . .
love your work. . . . talk about dominating the expression. . .
1st November 2007

Mmmm beerness!!
Ican smell the Witwurst and Bratwurst from here or was that Bhear again .
3rd November 2007

Hello guys, looks like you're having lots of fun, that's great! We also had a "Oktoberfest" here in Brisbane, but it had so much in common with German's Oktoberfest as Bairnsdale has in common with Brisbane :)))

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