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October 3rd 2007
Published: October 8th 2007
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Well we have left Vigo for our next planned date- Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. It was sad to leave our good friends in Vigo but we were looking foward to what lied ahead. We travelled throuth Andorra, a small country built up and full of shops in its capital; but with beutiful scenery only 20 mins away from its central district. We indulged ourselves in Europes largest spar complex (30 Euros for 3 hours in a large pool, says Ben) and found a lovely camping spot smack bang in the middle of the Pyenees in a little village called Soldeu. We took a cable care to the top on one of the Mount Gallo which had gorgeous scenery. Sadly bens ankle meant he coudlnt hire a downhill mountain bike, but maybe thats for the best.

We then popped back into France where we experienced some very nice medieval towns Carcassone and Avingon in the Provence region which were filled with a fair share of souvenier shops and castle like buildings. Avinon had the largest medievil castle in Europe, and was one of our favourite cities so far. One afteroon we made up a picnic with all sorts of oddities and sat on the river overlooking the city for a couple of hours; very relaxed! We then headed to Monaco to see how the wealthy like to fritter away money that could be better spent. There is no other word to describe Monaco but ritzy. There didnt seem to be a stone out of place, with beatiful biuldings every where you look. I have never seen so many expensive cars, large boats and men in black suits in one place before. We do have one thing on them and that is sandy beaches. The price they pay is that they only have pebbled beaches. (one of these ritz pebbles has been kept for you, mum)

Our next part saw the verdon region; very green with lots of hills. This led on to a larger hill, Mont Blanc. We dossed in Chamonix at a camping car stationment (A car park with a special sign) and took the lift up to Aguille Du Midi the next morning to see some alpine views. We got up early enough for the first cable car; we found ourselves surrounding by climbing teams decked out with the works. We only had a thermos of milo and
Ben in AndorraBen in AndorraBen in Andorra

in front of the pyrenees
some beanies! But the views were great once the clouds and our fear of heights subsided.

We then ventured onto Switzerland, Stopping at Lake Lemac near Geneva. We found a very peaceful campsite run by an old hippy, had some very cheesy fondue and called it a night. We then moved onto the Jungfrau area, passing awesome mountains and vistas before settling at a camping ground that seemed to be underneath the mountains! We did some walking round the area before moving onto Lucerne; A picturesque and quaint city on a lake; it was very pretty and colourful, even if we did see most of it from one of those little tourist trains. Switzerland was a beautiful place, with green flat valleys edging up to rocky mountain peaks.

Our next stop was the tiny country of Lichenstein, wedged between Switzerland and Austria. Having only 32,000 people it was indeed a tiny country, which every year celebrates its state with a party where everyone was invited.. It again was very scenic; it was strange how the main street of traralagon felt busier than its main square.Onwards and upwards to Munich we went; Ben sat and rested his ankle for a few days and stace explored the city, which she found to be modern but old at the same time. We picked up our friend dave from the airport on saturday for a week of shennanigans and beer at the famed oktoberfest. Well till the next blog, hope you are all well after a supreme effort by geelong,


ben and stace

Additional photos below
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the popes palacethe popes palace
the popes palace

The largest in Europe

Ritzy Ritzness served up on a bed of ritz
Lake Lemac near Geneva Lake Lemac near Geneva
Lake Lemac near Geneva

fondue on the shores was demasticated.

lovely wooden bridge

Will write about this little episode in the next blog...

10th October 2007

mmmm..... nice pics
Hi guys demasticated fondue what is that ?? alls well hope little foot is good
12th October 2007

Hi you two, what photos. Great commentary. Great to see some places we have been to ourselves.

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