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December 19th 2014
Published: December 19th 2014
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What a day! What was planned didn't happen. A real TTATs day of the unexpected.

We had planned to go to Rothenberg which was to be two and a half hours with 3 train changes to get there. We were speeding along on the first train when it pulled into a station and everyone had to get off. We have no idea why. We were loaded onto two buses and proceeded through some pretty ordinary countryside pulling into little towns along the way. We then had to wait for a commuter train to Nuremberg which stopped at every little station along the way. Once there, an hour later than expected, it was a bit pointless going to Rothenberg so we settled on Bamberg as an alternative. Another hour later we arrived in Bamberg after leaving Regensberg 4 hours ago. Such are well laid plans.

We knew little about Bamberg apart from it being UNESCO heritage site. It has a 1000 year history and was the centre of the Holy Roman Empire for a time. After a walk through the town we came to the Danube River which was divided off for a small dam a little like Thun or
Friends you make at lunchFriends you make at lunchFriends you make at lunch

Our friendly and helpful Australian Germans
Lucern. On the bridge is the very old Rathaus and on up the hill is the ancient cathedral which is of course, huge.

On the way back down to the town we stopped in to a very small traditional ale house and restaurant. It seems if there's room you sit at any table with anyone. We sat at a table with some Germans (Yvonne and Gunter) who live in Melbourne and were here visiting family. They were happy to help us with the menu and as always I ended up with enough to feed a family! Y&G were very friendly and impressed that we had been married for so long and that I had just had a birthday so Gunter shouted champagne to celebrate. Hows that! They were both chatty and happy that we liked coming to Europe for a bit of history and culture.

Our tour continued through the town to the large market area where was a food and a Christmas Market. It was a very good one too.

Finally, we were back on the train to Nuremberg then Regensberg in time for a snack for dinner. Over the railway is a large Mall where we found a Running Sushi. We had seen these and wondered what they were. Very strange. It is a conveyor belt of Japanese food in little dishes for 1E each. You sit by the revolved food and take little dishes as you wish, so hence the "Running".

A funny day really. There were unexpected experiences and far too much time on trains, but it was ok.


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