A very hot day in Freiburg

Published: June 20th 2017
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Such beautiful cakesSuch beautiful cakesSuch beautiful cakes

As seen at the Bahnhof cake and bread shop
Today was a day out of the Black Forest mountains and to the city of Freiburg about 40 minutes by train from Titisee. Our Visitors Pass gives us free travel on trains, buses, boats etc. What a surprise we had at the Bahnhof to find a wonderful bread and cake shop within it. There were amazing looking cakes, tarts, croissants, pastries and breads of all sorts. A pity we hadn't picked up the location earlier as it's only about 200m from where we're living.

The train after leaving the Titisee area goes through steep hills and deep gorges before arriving out in the lowlands to the west. I'm not sure about the Black Forest name but there are 1000s square kilometres of forest intersperced with medieval villages. Freiburg is the largest city in the area. It is a university city, mostly modern but with a lovely Old Town area dominated by a 116m spire on the Gothic Munster. Our mission today was to try and find some Lowa sandels to replace our old ones and to check out the city. However, that plan was foiled mostly by the extreme temperatures making it too hot to walk anywhere and try to
Lovely stained glass windowsLovely stained glass windowsLovely stained glass windows

Windows in the Freiburg Munster
seek out cool spots. We came to Europe and month earlier than usual in the hope that we would escape the high temperatures of July and August but we haven't. The official temperature for Freiburg today was 33 degrees and just awful for two temperate Kiwis.

There were amazing clothing sales in the larger stores and Linds got a cotton/linen shirt for E15. My Boccia watch was considerably more but better than prices at home, in Switzerland or Dubai. As for sandels, we did not track down what we were looking for. Maybe the cities around Lake Constance will have the Lowa brands when we do our cycle trip.

We checked out the Munster (Cathedral) which was well worth a visit. Firstly, it was COOL. It has amazing stained glass windows throughout, an impressive Gothic roof and several organs. There was an organ recital during our visit which was amazing. There's nothing like the deep notes from a pipe organ to send the shivers through you. Fantastic.

Our trip back in the train was horrible. There was no cool air, the sun shone into the carraiges and it must have been at least 40 degrees inside. What a relief it was to alight at Titisee and have a few clouds and much cooler temps. Our day finished with many drinks of water and beer and a lovely raspberry tart for dessert.


21st June 2017

Enjoy it's freezing & wet in NZ i'm told, 20 here you would like that!! Are you getting all the sporty news etc-Americas cup etc?

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