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I didn't bother to write up yesterday as it was another train trip to Freiburg following up places we hadn't been to, doing some shopping and getting very hot again. Today is our last day in the Black Forest and we chose another fairly long hike for the day. The hike was the Black Forest Highlands Heritage Trail (Heimatpfad) which took in both heritage and historic spots. We took the train to Hinterzarten about 5kms from Titisee and set off on the route marked with water wheel symbols. The first part of the trail goes down alongside a river in a narrow gulch to several mills with water wheels mainly used for sawing timber and milling grain. We crossed under the main road and to a location that used to have rope makers, millers, barrel makers, ... read more
A walk in the Ravenna Gorge
The Ravenna Viaduct at Hofgut Sternun
Cuckoo Clock house

Our Guest Cards allows us to hire bikes for free so of course we chose E-Bikes to ride to Schluchsee. The trail is a dedicated cycle path going over a steep Pass between Titisee and Schluchsee. We had thought it may have been a relatively flat path since there appeared to be a chain of lakes on the map. We were very happy that we had E-Bikes and what wonderful machines they are. Whoever invented them should be a very rich person as they are enabling all sorts of people to cycle. Here in Europe they seem to be as prevalent as conventional bikes, especially for recreation. Whilst you still have to pedal, it flattens hills. Not really, but hills that would normally have us in Granny gears, we could sail up easily. I love them. ... read more
Schluchsee from the forest trail

Today was a day out of the Black Forest mountains and to the city of Freiburg about 40 minutes by train from Titisee. Our Visitors Pass gives us free travel on trains, buses, boats etc. What a surprise we had at the Bahnhof to find a wonderful bread and cake shop within it. There were amazing looking cakes, tarts, croissants, pastries and breads of all sorts. A pity we hadn't picked up the location earlier as it's only about 200m from where we're living. The train after leaving the Titisee area goes through steep hills and deep gorges before arriving out in the lowlands to the west. I'm not sure about the Black Forest name but there are 1000s square kilometres of forest intersperced with medieval villages. Freiburg is the largest city in the area. It ... read more
Lovely stained glass windows
The University Square in central Old Town

We're on holiday so why not relax and not whizz off somewhere? We took a gentle boat trip around Lake Titisee this morning which doesn't take long and is very sedate. The lake becomes busy with rowers, boaters and peddle boats as the day goes on. It was formed by a previous glacier which filled the valley and is now just 41m deep and eventually drains into the Rhine River. Afterwards there was the obligatory coffee followed by purchasing nice fresh baguettes for lunch. It sure beats the tough slabs of bread we got the other day. It appears a fairground is coming to town. Huge trucks arrived with all sorts of fairground gear and deposited it in a large carpark close to where we're staying. Hopefully it'll take them the rest of the week to ... read more
Our apartment in the meadow
The Black Forest from Saig

There was a major event going through Titisee all morning. Thousands of cyclists (over 4000) on mountain bikes passed through for several hours competing in the Black Forest Ultra Bike Marathon. There are five classes of race ranging from 117kms and 3150m in height to 43kms and 900m in height. The route includes both road and off road with various categories for age groups and teams. They were certainly flying as they hit the downhill into Titisee. Fortunately the streets had been shut off for the race or pedestrians would have come off second best. All of this coincided with buses and trains disgorging hundreds of day visitors so the town soon turned into crowded streets of people wandering, shopping, eating or drinking. The more energetic ones set off on hiking trails of which there is ... read more
Black Forest scenery from walking trail
Lake Titisee

Goodbye Saanen, Switzerland. Hello Black Forest, Titisee, Germany. We left Saanen at 9.30, set the GPS to our destination and kept driving until we arrived at Titisee at 1pm. From Spiez, on Lake Thun we were out of the mountains and now onto motorways until Basel where we exited on to secondary roads. We had no idea where we were as we wound through narrow valleys and eventually through the Schwarz Wald (Black Forest) to our destination. The parking areas through the area were always full and we wondered what the attraction was as we seemed to be in forest and little else. It is Saturday so maybe the cities empty out and people head for the hills. On arrival in Titisee we struck wall to wall people and our beloved GPS delivered us into the ... read more
Meili Chalet

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Titisee-Neustadt August 2nd 2015

It's been a day and 315 km since our drive among the birds. The hot air balloon took us not further than 20 km, so we drove with M&A to Titisee, back in Germany. Now we camp in front of the water, swim to the other edge and paddle in circles. (Yes, I know it is stupid to paddle in circles, but Elisa and I can't manage better than that :') The black forest around us provides the perfect environment to relax. We feel no excitement about the fact that it is not long to go for one whole year into a world trip. We are fine. If you are wondering why the lake is called Boob lake,... well it isn't! Boob in German is written with double t "Titti". Always thinking dirty...... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Titisee-Neustadt January 15th 2015

Sorry anybody who likes to keep up to date with my blog. I have been very bad at keeping it updated. I am determined to keep going though; as I don't want to be one of those people full of excitement for two weeks, then forget I was ever doing it. I am now in my second week back in Germany, after two and a half weeks back in Britain. I expected my return home to be really exciting and sentimental; where I would get off the plane whilst the national anthem is playing, and to be greeted like The Beatles, having thousands of screaming people expecting my arrival. Instead, it was a more German affair. I sat next to a German boy on the plane home and spoke German with him for an hour and ... read more

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Titisee-Neustadt September 21st 2011

Titisee, 21.09.2011. Nach gut drei Wochen haben wir Winterthur wieder verlassen. Die Tage waren ausgefüllt mit Besuchen der Baustelle, Treffen mit Handwerkern, Familie und Freunden sowie Wartungsarbeiten am Wohnmobil. Nun geniessen wir wieder das süsse Nichtstun, im Moment am Titisee. Das Wetter hat sich auch wieder beruhigt. Der Regen der letzten Tage hat der Sonne Platz gemacht. Nachdem sich der Frühnebel verzogen hat spiegelt sich die Sonne im Titisee. Am frühen Morgen zeigt unser Innenthermometer nur noch 9°C an. Zum Frühstück und auch am Vorabend musste darum die Heizung laufen. Am Tag steigt die Temperatur aber auf 20°C an. In den Strassen von Titisee flanieren die Touristen. Wir werden voraussichtlich Morgen in Richtung Locarno weiterreisen. Dort wollen wir noch einmal eine Woche lang Wärme tanken. ... read more
Das Campingrestaurant
Blick von der Restaurantterrasse nach Titisee
Piraten auf dem Titisee?

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Titisee-Neustadt August 4th 2010

Sorry for abandoning my blog, but i don't feel that i have anything new to say! Everything is going great, weather could be better but never mind. Feeling a bit ill, but got 2 days off to hopefully recover. Planning on sleeping lots and drinking plenty of PG tea :) Haven't really got anything to complain about, just that i need to sleep :P Tschuss xx... read more

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