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November 29th 2017
Published: December 8th 2017
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I wake up in the room with Kirsten, Omi and Bea. I’m peeking above my covers making sure everyone is asleep, I bolt for the bathroom tripping over my shoes and suitcases in my way before Kirsten, Omi or Bea has a chance. This reminds me growing up in house with three sisters and two brothers. How we ever made it with so few bathrooms... I’ll never know, amazing.

In less than an hour, everyone is ready and were walking toward Rudolf in the garage.

Our plan is to cover as many Christmas Markets in the next two days as we possibly can. So basically, I going to list the villages, the highlights and let the pictures tell the story.

We drank Gluewine, we ate brats and Pommefrits (German for French fries) which are the best, more Gluewine and lots of food. Did I mention Gluewine…?


On Wednesday we started with Ulm, this market was pretty large and Omi has a cousin living there. She has a jewelry shop located by the Rathaus. We found it however, it was closed. Omi so wanted to walk in and surprise her. But settled with leaving a note on the door instead. We then walked through rest of the Christmas Market. They had live animals surrounding the nativity. It surrounded the Munster. Not the cathedral, hmmm you ask what is the difference. If your village has a Munster, the people of the city/village paid for it to be built not the Vatican. If it’s a cathedral the Vatican basically paid to have it built. Interesting huh?

Yea, I thought that would enlighten your day.

After Ulm, we piled back into Rudolf and off to Esslingen we went. An hour later, Kirsten is pulling into the restricted area like she’s the Burgermeister(Mayor). It worked we parked right up-front, steps from the entrance of the Christmas Market. I think it was the Red Ford Focus.

Hours later after cake and coffee, ok I had a beer. We were off returning to Stuttgart. It was dark when we arrived and Kirsten again drove right up the main entrance. No parking anywhere to be seen, all of a sudden, a light appears from above, angels are singing Joy, to the World. As this car pulls out Kirsten pulls in. I’m thinking Opa is taking care of his girls down here. I can’t make this stuff up it really happened.

This was the first night of the Stuttgart Market and was it ever packed! The stands were decorated beautifully. Each roof had a theme with animated figures or bells or animals. They also had an advent calendar lit up on the Rathaus. Pretty cool. Hours later after being felt up and butt to butt with most of Germany, we squeezed our way back to the Hotel.

Thursday morning, this time Kirsten beats me to the bathroom. Again, within an hour were all loaded into Rudolf and heading toward Pforzheim. Yes, that is the correct spelling. We continued to eat and drink our way through the market. Soon Rudolf was taking us to Baden-Baden. This is the Winter Park, Park Avenue of Germany. Of course, we wanted to be seen so where else but at Baden-Baden. We walked the market eating and drinking our way enjoying all the booths.

Around 3 PM Omi says she wants to have cake and coffee. Kirsten and Bea are all smiles they want something sweet also. Me, I’ll have a large beer.

The café was packed Kirsten found us a table in the café. Omi, Kirsten and Bea were gawking at the display case and when they came to the table they had nothing.

What’s up aren’t we going to have something. Omi, informs me they will deliver our selections to the table. Ohhh! Winter Park, Park Avenue you get it.

When the cakes were delivered the waiter then took our beverage order. When it came to me I asked if they had Sweet Water 420? It’s a Georgia beer, very good I might add. Our waiter responded is a slow response ..Nein.., as he slowly turned his head away, Kirsten immediately intervene. She ordered me a Pilsner all the time speaking to him in German. As he looked down his nose back at me, I could hear tisk tisk as he walks away.

Our last market for today was Ludwigsburg. By time we arrived it was dark. Kirsten tried for the Burgermeister parking spot but it was already taken. Kirsten then tells everyone to hop out and she’ll park and find us. Omi and Bea pile out of Rudolf. Me… I’m trying to be the wall flower in the car, I’m not getting out in the middle of Germany. Kirsten laughs and squeals away.

Moments later we’re parked and walking into the sea of Germans enjoying Christmas market. Now to find Omi and Bea, good luck!

Kirsten being the techno, she is whips out her phone and brings up her Find Friends app. Follow me she barks like a German Field Marshal. I blindly followed her into the sea of people. Yea, I’d follow her anywhere basically.

As we’re searching for Bea and Omi, suddenly Kirsten stops and spreads her arms out and starts to slowly swirl around looking up at the stars. I’m frozen in place watching her as she swirls looking up as the snow falls upon her face. I will never forget that moment.

The snow continued to fall the flakes were nice and large. It was absolutely picture perfect.

We, well actually Kirsten found Omi and Bea.

Again, we drank and ate our way around the market trying not to spill our Gluewine on ourselves and others. All the time the snow continued to fall upon us.

We worked our way back to garage, but as we walked by a grocery store, Omi pulls a hard right into the store. Omi, just can’t pass an open grocery store.

We arrive back at the hotel and now it’s time to start packing. Omi has decided to return with Bea while Kirsten and I will fly home Saturday.

So as always, the night before going home there is the massive packing party. Everything we picked up, bought, found or whatever legal or illegal means used has to get into our suit cases.

It’s like putting ten gallons of stuff into 5-gallon bucket. Let me tell you those Hancock can pack some stuff.

Were all snuggled into our beds, that six AM wakeup call is coming.

Good Night

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